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  1. Anyone getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 8?
  2. I ordered a leather pouch from MobileFun. Its coming via the cheaper mail (was Rs.300 postage). As I can't find a decent one for my Note 2 and I am yet using the (loose) Note 1 pouch (phone fell twice as I held the pouch upside down but no damage), I need a good one desperately.
  3. Yes, a Happy Diwali to all you Notees!
  4. The mobile is the new PC ! Now I hardly even touch my laptop !
  5. I formatted the card from the phone when I first got it. Why do I get such poor speeds??? Any idea??
  6. When I bought my first PC. The salesman said it had a 20MB Harddrive and didn't see how I would ever use it up. Bigger is always better in computers. hahahaha
  7. I just ordered from Flipkart the 64GB Class 10 Sandisk card + the Amkette Smart Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard.
  8. I think it will be over 5000. And yes, we can group buy if we get a benefit.
  9. I will probably get it. It is a nice accessory.
  10. There was a nice leather pouch which I want. My last 3 transactions on eBay were horrible ! All 3 items are just rotting with me.
  11. Note the Nexus 4 but I'm eyeing the Nexus 7 with 3G. If its under 20000, I may buy it just for kicks.
  12. Any of you guys have experience in ordering from Mobilefun? http://in.mobilefun.com/ How is their service? This is an India special site, so are they shipping from India?
  13. We got to play with it before everyone. That ought to cost something. Haha
  14. We paid 1000 more but we got it within hours of its launch in Mumbai. Worth it, I think.

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