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  1. Dude, This is really sad to see such kind of service from Samsung. Email them the full details and complaint here : http://www.samsung.com/in/info/contactus.html . Contact them via Live Chat or Email them your Entire Complaint. And keep sending them the complaint mails until they reply. This will cost you nothing. Also write a compliant on ConsumerDaddy.com . They sometimes check consumer complaint sites and reply. You should atleast try the above as it can help you get a New Replacement . BTW, Dont accuse the phone,The Phone is Awesome.
  2. I get some Amazing Battery Life! 1 day 2 hrs and 40% remaining! And the Phone charges in 1 Hr 30 min from 0 to 100.
  3. I received the Samsung Protective Case yesterday. It is really Awesome. Fits perfectly well and feels very Nice. Best case i could buy.
  4. Thanks, I ordered on Sunday, and they have already shipped today (MONDAY). Should reach by thrusday/friday as tomorrow is Diwali. I will post some pics when i get it. BTW, Happy Diwali to everyone!!!
  5. I bought the Black Protective Cover from Samsung India eStore for 999/-. I hope its nice! Smart Dock will cost between 4500-6000.
  6. I thought that it is of very little use to me, as it really does not have great functionality apps or programs like a PC. And i will use it very less in my day to day life. So i will think about it a little more.
  7. Thanks a LOT! So the Case does add a lot of bulk to the phone. PL give your opinion. I want a snap on case, but it should not add much bulk. Should i go for it? Does it look Premium?
  8. Pl could you post a photo of your Note 2 with the Protective Case ON (SIDE SHOT). I want to see the thickness of the device when its on. I might buy one as well. Thanks!
  9. Did not get any LJ5 update, i am on LJ3 as of now.
  10. It is owned by ICC Couriers which is a really established company in Mumbai. I have purchased a lot of electronic products from Amazon and they took 5-10 days to get it to me when it reached their New York Warehouse. The Dock is Over-Expensive i think and it is Out of Stock, A version if launched in India (which should be the case) it will cost <Rs.3000/-. Anyways their quote is as follows: RS.6,535.50/- with 500/- discount code. You can personally contact them via email and they will give discount over bulk order or you can even make some bargains. I am not a promoter of the site and i have no link with the company at all. eBay makes lots of profit over the imported product but they only make profit on the Shippping Cost, thats why the quotes are low.
  11. This is the Quote i got from iShopInternational. Pretty Amazing! Such a great phone for 21000/- ! This includes full Custom Duty, Shipping to your Door. Te site is very good and they deliver goods in 5-10 days from US. I have purchased from them, thats why i am suggesting. Rs.500/- is a Diwali Offer Discount. Item price + local shipping + taxes : Rs.19400/- Int'l Shipping : Rs.490/- Custom Duty,Taxes,Fees: Rs.1584/- TOTAL: Rs.20975/- And for 8GB, its 17900/-. So no point puchasing off ebay for 38K. BUT, Note 2 still Rocks ! dur to the added Screen and S-Pen Functionality and Warranty!
  12. How's the site, never heard of it. I only trust Flipkart and some Good eBay sellers while shopping online. Plus you can get a even better price locally.
  13. Looks Cool, What does that DGT GDT App do<br />

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