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  1. Looks like the Jiayu G3T is favourite. Can anyone recommend a trusted seller? Cheers John
  2. Out of stock! Any thoughts on this one... Cubot ONE 4.7 Capacitive HD LTPS 1280x720 Android 4.2 Quad Core MTK6589 1.2GHz 3G Smartphone Android Phone with Wi-Fi, 5.0MP & 12.0MP Dual Camera & GPS/A-GPS (1GB RAM & 8GB ROM) (Black)
  3. I have found a JIAYU G3S for £120 shipped. Is this a good deal? Cheers John
  4. Hi, Forgot to say my budget is about £150. Cheers John
  5. Hi, Having bought and returned (couldn't register on giffgaff) an 'S4' chinese clone from Amazon, I am now looking for a quality chinese brand. I have been looking a the Lenovo s830 and a Cubot GT99. After reading some of the posts they don't seem like a good choice. Can someone recommend a chinese brand that would be easy to setup as english, not bloated with chinese apps with a good quality screen, quad core, half way decent camera and will work with giffgaff? and have play store access. Many thanks in advance, the more I look at the more confused I get. Regards John
  6. I have screwed up my wifes SFII Crescent. I uninstalled a downloaded launcher and now it wont reboot. It gets the fish and chips logo then the dots keep going around the fish the it flashes white then the fish dots again etc etc. My pc is not detecting it. Power and vol- gives me a FTM screen but that doesn't seem to do anything. Anyone got any ideas on rescuing it? i am getting serious grief off my MRS. Cheers john
  7. john91919

    SIM lock status

    Surely as I requested the unlock when it was 3 months and they have taken my money, the 3 month rule applies?
  8. john91919

    SIM lock status

    Hi, I am also having problems getting my unlock code. I have called CS several times after being told I would have it within 20 days. I was told 2 days, 2 hours and then 2 days then the last time I called they put me on hold for ages then cut me off. Never got a uk call center always india. I have spoken to supervisors and team managers and all just said "I will contact you in ( insert days/weeks/hours)" then nothing after. They had no problem taking my money though. Any ideas as to what where I should try next? Cheers John
  9. john91919

    How To root your San Diego

    What can I say you guys are awesome. Ran the update.zip....xolo adbd and super user worked as they should and the boxes were ticked :) From there plane sailing. Rooted, sd cards and orange logo! Can anyone recommend a laucher. I like nova but the live wallpaper loss is getting a bit annoying but I like that you can get more icons on the screen and add more pages. Many thanks. John
  10. john91919

    How To root your San Diego

    Thanks I will give that a try. Do you have a link for xolo.zip? I have copied adbd to the sdcard and run it from there but I don't get the tickboxs and says it needs super user. When I run the tool it says its copied adbd to data/temp/something but I can't find the file on the phone. What is the full path? I also get a blue android with androidboot over it with a green stationary line under it. Eventually (about 20min) I gave up waiting and powered down/up the phone. Another thing is live wallpaper is lost everytime I power down the phone. Don't know if that is significant? Thanks for all your help. John
  11. john91919

    The Homescreen Thread!

    is anyone else losing the live wallpaper after power off/on? Cheers John
  12. john91919

    How To root your San Diego

    Well still not getting anywhere. I have run the tool and the batch file. It does reboot the phone most of the time but I am getting a lot of read only file system messages and a lot of failed for remounts and copying files. Not sure where I am going wrong but nohing seems to work. Cheers John
  13. john91919

    How To root your San Diego

    Hi, I am running the original orange ICS. I am trying to root and enable the sdcard slot. The tool worked on my previous OSD but after having it replaced with a faulty power button the tool no longer works. I'm concerned with changing it to xolo as I wounldnt be able to return it under warranty if I had another problem. Is it now only the xolo thats rootable? If I go for xolo can I switch back to an earlier version of the orange ICS without doing the update? What is the difference between the xolo and the orange ics (apart from rootability) Cheers John
  14. john91919

    How To root your San Diego

    Hi, Can't get anything to work. Can't get root to work adbd is not giving me the option to tick the box and superuser doesn't see any apps or seem to do anything. I can't flash the orange ICS (option 2 I think) or downgrade (32). Nothing seems to work with this warranty swappout phone. Does anyone have any suggestions? Does anyone look at these pages any more? Cheers John
  15. john91919

    How To root your San Diego

    Which option is the downgrade? is it the 27mb ics (32)?

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