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  1. It's me once again ^_^ What files exactly am I looking for? (LatinIME Dictionaries) Are they included in some apk-files? ... I would be happy about more accurate advise. [EDIT] OK. I found it in \system\app\LatinIME.apk. Now my question is. Can I / should I just install it (over) the existing LatinIME.apk? [/EDIT] Thanks, Alex
  2. Thank you very much. I could already use an image.bin, which made a /system partition of 220 MB. Although /data is much smaller. But it works. I figured out, that the ROM with Android 4.4.2 offered by zeelog, mounts /sd-ext completely by itself an tells me from the very first start, I would have 1 GB on /data. I don't even need to install something like S2E. That's pretty good work. But anyway I saved this TPT and I'll try it for the next upgrade of Android. I also figured out, that my problems came from my sd card. It seems to be faulty. I made a dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb to it, made new partitions, reformatted everything and the phone works perfekt. If I had known all this before, it had saved me at least 3 days trying to make 4.4.2 work...
  3. Can somebody confirm this procedure? I also need a 180 MB /system partiton. An I figured out, that the phone itself can't flash a TPT consisting of several (13) files. It only flashes, if you use a single file (image.bin). I just tried it, using the old image.bin for 160 MB /system partition. Therefore I'm looking for an image.bin, which contains data for 180 MB. Is there anybody out there, who can help me with this? Thanks, Alex
  4. You're so right. But which one of them. Have you a special thread in mind, which you could send me a link please?
  5. Could you please give a link to that thread/post? Thanks! I got the same problem. Once I could use a TPT to reduce the size from 220 to 160 MB. I worked just fine. But right now I need 180 MB for this ROM. I extracted v10f from here to the root of my µsd card and tried a restart with buttons vol+ and menu pressed several time - without success. It's idle to look for a page 25 in a thread, if you are in the internet, where one can use links.
  6. Thanks again. I already found this link, downloaded this version 10f zip-file, extracted it to /sdcard0/image. But my question again: How can I make my phone using these files? That's the reason why my question in my earlier post was how to do this, because somehow Vol up + Menu + Power on doesn't work for my phone :( I remember it worked once some months ago. With this procedure I already changed the stock partitions...
  7. That's right. I already figured that out. But it's pretty slow and I can't use Play Store etc. So for me it's out of discussion to use a ROM without GAPPS. I guess you also have a Blade: Have you ever heard about the problem, that the system don't flash the content of /sdcard0/image while pressing Vol up + Menu + Power on? I've tried this about a hundred times without success. The phone get stuck with that android logo for hours. I'm quite desperate, because I can't start the TPT with TPT Helper (keeps telling me the ROM wouldn't support a restart within TPT Helper). And I can't change the partitons, because Vol up ... won't work.
  8. Thank you for your answer. I quoted the post by KonstaT on purpose. I'm just looking for a procedure to save the current ClockWorkMod recovery in a file like recovery.img. The partitions/folders /boot, /system, /data, /cache are saved by the backup itself. There's no need to save it with another method. The only missing thing would be /recovery. But I was hardly looking for something like this without success. I couldn't find a partiton/folder named /recovery. Then you say just told me before ... it's called NANDROID. Even this I was hardly looking in your post yesterday. It has just one sentence without NANDROID. And it's not what I'm looking for, too. This just make a backup without rebooting in recovery mode or a recovery image in boot itself. But I want a recovery image. I'm just looking to backup it ... [EDIT1] I just tried NANDROID on my old ZTE Skate. It saves a recovery.img, which looks good. But the saved recovery.img is 5.242.880 Bytes, whereas the uses recovery.img I flashed to this phone about 2 years ago ist just 4.536.320 Bytes. So I'm still not sure, if I really can rely on this image file... [/EDIT1] [EDIT2] On my Linux system I make backups using the "dd" command. I hardly remember using a command like "flash" or something to save the old recovery.img to the phone. The "dd" command ist quite simple to invert with the switches if= and of=. This is what I'm looking for. [/EDIT2]
  9. This seems to be a missunderstanding: I know how to backup the phone and with it the ROM. I want to backup up the recovery itself.
  10. You're right. It seems to be because of my 160 MB partition for /system. I'm just wondering, why I can install the ROM without any error messages. I'm already working on that issue, hoping I can resolve it. If the reason really is the to small partition, I'll make a report soon.
  11. [EDIT] Never mind. I just figured out, the download links just works fine. Sorry for that. But my second question stand, just in case I could need it in the future. [/EDIT] Can someone reup one of these files again, please? I used TPT Helper to change /system partition to 160 MB, which was enought for 4.2. But now I'd like to test Android 4.4.2 with my Blade.Unhappily it needs a /system partition with at least 180 MB. So I wanted to use TPT Helper again. The only problem is, it comes with an old CWM recovery This can't handle the newer backups, due to the compression used by CWM This would make it impossible for me to go back to my old system. So my plan would be to use 1) TPT Helper to change partitions, 2) change CWM back to and 3) try the new ROM. If it fails I need to go back to my old ROM, without having an old backup. I would even appreciate, if someone could tell my how to save the old one from the phone. I know there is a procedure to flash a recovery.img to the phone with the Terminal Emulator. Unfortunately I forgot the command for this operation. As far as I remember it was something with "flash ...". I could imagine, that there would be comparable command/procedure to save the image from phone to my sdcard... So if you know more then me, don't hesitate to tell me, how it works. Thanks, Alex
  12. I just flashed the latest (5-MAY-2014) ROM and the latest GAPPS (05-MAY-2014) and it's pretty much not working :( I can't even connect to my gmail acoount. The phone keeps telling me there would be a communication problem with the google servers and I should retry later. With my other phones there's not a small sign of problems. So I guess it should be a problem with the ROM. My next problem is I can't find the google play store. This makes it impossible for me to install apps. Is there anybody else with the same problems and a suggestion how to solve these problems? Thanks, Alex
  13. google does! It should mean something like: 嘿,看着很棒 = Hey, looks great 果冻胡须鹈鹕对接 = Pelican beard jelly butt ...
  14. Thanks for your hint. Sorry for expressing myself wrong: CWM works just fine, if there's a ROM installed, which allows to reboot into recovery. In this case the keys work properly. This phenomenon only appears, if I try to boot into recovery by myself - turning on the phone with volume pressed. Then it never works on my phone. I just wanted to know, if someone else does have this problem. Usually I only need it this way, if i got stuck trying a new ROM. So it doesn't matter, if my settings, apps, etc. are lost. But I figured out, that one can make a factory reset with specific keys on boot time, CWM starts this way and the keys work. I found this via youtube. Right now I can't exactly say, which keys that are. I went back to ParanoidJelly 2.81 which works perfect for me and I don't want a reboot with factory reset. I tried 4 ROMs with Android 4.2.2, each of them wasn't good enought for daily use. I won't forget this thread. So if I once will have this problem again, I'll post the keyboard shortcuts for others ... just in their case.
  15. I could help myself with a hardware factory reset. After that I tried to change the brightness again. This time I prepared my rescue with the power control widget. I figured out the same issue with that widget and the new status bar buttons (or however these are called). If I change to the lowest brightness the screen becomes just black. So this means it is reproducible and I think if it's now a bug it's at least a kind of bug. The brightness should not be setable to a status, where nothing is to be seen and the user doesn't have a chance to lighten up the screen again. Can someone confirm this behaviour or is it just my phone? [edit] I made a http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jvourUPf3g, which sometimes explains the problem better. [/edit]
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