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  1. i dont think so, i've tried all the roms, the cm7 and performance's battery stats display ecxactly (sometime not but them not grow too much. delay from 1- 4%). i love your rom so much but i become crazy with the battery stats. if you know how to fix its tell me pls. tks you so much
  2. humh...one more thing, the battery stat doesnt display exactly. ex: i used for a time. the battery have 90%. but when i reboot, the battery grow up to 95 or 100%. i've try battery calibration, wipe battery stat... etc any idea plz ?
  3. when i use every app and press the menu key, the app crash. how to fix it plz. sorry for my english @lens: i try to flash your kernel but it stock at acer logo T.T
  4. nice ROM! one more thing. how can i remove the Korea (maybe Chinese or Japanese i'm not sure). i dont like the multi lang so much. anyway tks for the nice ROM
  5. can some one post some screen shot please
  6. does Link2sd work ? i was install and it doesn't T_T.
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