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  1. JK, for some reason Opera doesn't like the website the files are at. It's only displays a 5px bar along the top you can click and it makes the whole page white then... Opera fail!!!! Maybe a little picnic too.
  2. Hi the following links send me to differnt websites, but never allow me to download the actual fiiles. Anyway you can relink? I primarily need the ville recovery signed. the copy I have doesn't work :/ When I use fastboot flash recovery ville_recovery_signed.img says. C:\SDK_tools>fastboot flash revocery OneS_recovery_signed.img sending 'revocery' (9480 KB)... OKAY [ 1.707s] writing 'revocery'... INFOsignature checking... FAILED (remote: signature verify fail) anyway can you direct me to the correct link for the recovery at least? Thanks.
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