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  1. R3 is based on cm10.1 RC1 right ?
  2. Enable all the animations .. it will work
  3. Aokp works fine .. but i dont know how to enable quick settings in status bar.. also i dont have any performance settings in rom control?? As hippydave mentioned, i dont have any reboots as of now..
  4. it will not run continuously .. anyway search the thread two days before someone posted a script for this
  5. download keyboard backloght controller from the market
  6. It is having the same network loss bug as in daz build.. So dont ask or post complaints here...
  7. No way.. latest cm10 is working fine for me from the day its released..it doesn't have any signal loss problem .. Everyone knows about the issue.. everything takes some time mate.. just wait for the update silently as we all do..
  8. Goto Settings_lockscreen_weather panel.. And disable weather option
  9. carrthee89

    Whatsapp Group

    It is still active...
  10. The new settings apk is having volume wake option.. U made a mistake.. Do it properly once again
  11. Dude its normal, data will get cut off.. Unless u use 3g..
  12. download speed is very slow mate. If possible any mirror?

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