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  1. turned fast boot off and still nothing, it shows blank screen for what is likely the duration of the animation. I'm about to give up, on what should be very simple to do given all the tutorials I read. :( my last desc.txt has: 480 800 30 p 1 0 part0 png's are the correct resolution. I'm at a loss to this.
  2. I found how to upload files, but 2MB max and 4.88MB total means even if I split it up I can't upload the lot. Email?
  3. Hi, I have it, but how the hell do you put attachments on here!?. I have so far been unsuccessful changing the animation, apart from to a static Google one, and when there is no bootanimation.zip file in system\media it still plays some random android animation, and I have no clue where the hell it is getting it from. I have cut and changed and amended all sorts of ways to create a bootanimation.zip and simply can't get it to work. Even moving the files from SD card to the right folders is a problem with root browser - forever fails etc. I don't get it. lol.
  4. Hi, I took your bootanimation.zip and copied it to the system\media folder. When I restart the phone get the HUAWEI logo, and then the static google logo, so fine up to this point. I then tried playing about with it, intially amending two of the png's so the google text was in different colours, didnt make a difference. then I edited the desc.txt as per an other tutorial. still nothing. This is all so that I can replace the existing vodafone animation. what was strange though, is if I remove bootanimation.zip from the media folder, it still plays an animation - simple android shimmering text. I dont know where this is from, and I can't find the zip or png's that make this! I then tried amending the existing voda one, for example, removing some of the images so the animation is cut short - just so that I can see if anything I do affects the animation. Again nothing. Is there something else I should be doing, I dont get what flashing means and I think this has something to do with it. Thanks!
  5. Ok so got rom toolbox lite to try. I went to add something to the install queue, in order to flash a zip animation (I assume this action installs the animation into the correct location etc), however when I go to add something it defaults to /mnt/sdcard and is empty. However I copied a file to this location......at least I am sure I have, but then something is not right. I dont understand why, when you plug the phone and turn on as media device from the phone I get HUAWEI U8815 in My Computer, inside of which I get Internal Storage and SD Card. Pretty much what I would expect. When I plug the phone without media device option, I get Mobile Partner E:, Removable Disk F: and Removable Disk G: (I can't access either of the removal disks as it Windows complains and says please insert a disk). Using root browser, is where the confusion starts. At top level, there is clearly a folder with SD card icon named sdcard, in here are plenty of folders including my bootanimation.zip. However following where toolbox is looking for the zip to install, I go to root mnt\sdcard (seems to be the same as in SD card icon, so I assume physical card) but also in mnt there is a folder called sdcard2 also with the bootanimation.zip.....so wtf? Help anyone?
  6. Ok so managed to root browser lite. Used some animations from here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=19566238&postcount=291 When I replace the bootanimation.zip in the system/media directory, with any of the animations from the above url, I no longer get the voda animation after the Huawei logo, but do get a black screen instead. Any ideas? Maybe the animations from the site above are just not suitable, but an other post on here said that they used an animation from there so expect them to work. Maybe there is something else I need to do than just swap the file. Also, anyone know where else I might be able to get some decent animations? Cheers!
  7. fr0do - I have now rooted and got supruser on phone, but dont get how to use it, nothing in apps list, so need to figure that out. re the instruction to remove animation: to remove the boot and shutdown animations : delete startup.ani and shutdown.ani from /system/media AS ROOT I searched the phone storage and could not find that folder...where am i going wrong? cheers
  8. Ok, so done that and now running Android 4.0.3, baseband 2030 build b936. Now not sure what I will benefit by rooting, installing cwm and getting the other rom I saw for 4.0.4.....any suggestions - will it de-brand the voda rubbish? Or shall I leave it as is. One thing I did notice odd, on the stock version I didnt get a Vodafone splash screen when turning the phone on, now I do. Is there a way to remove it?
  9. Ah, thanks for the clarification. That's why it wont update. So I I get the official b936 update (where from?) and extract that to the sd card and update. then put CWM on that will allow me to use 4.0.2 version I just downloaded......
  10. Ok, so I downloaded that, the zip contained META-INF (folder), system (folder), boot.img. I extracted and copied these to the sd card, when I go to update it says "upgrade package not detected"!....
  11. Ok, I can do that. But on this post: http://www.modaco.com/topic/357359-rom-ics-b940-favaroooo-b3-20-09-update/ it makes it sound like I can download the update, extract to an SD card and do an update. Am I wrong? No need to root whatnot?
  12. Great thanks, might just go with that, thank you. I don't what rooting does, or what the cwm abbreviation means. Not done this stuff before....
  13. Hi Lots of great information on here. I was planning to upgrade to ICS, I have a new G300 (U8815), running Android 2.3.6, baseband 109808, buildnumber U8815V100R001C02B892. The only thing I have done is upgrade the firmware and unlock the phone to allow my Orange sim. Whilst having a Voda sim in, it was not reporting an available software update. I would like to upgrade to ICS, the impression I get at the moment from what I have read is there is no stable JB version - am I wrong? Only thing is, I don't know whether to use a custom ICS rom or use the offical download I have (found on here, dl from Huawei). I just need to find everything in one place, including the ROM, the guides I have read say find a rom 'here', and revert back to the modaco forum and I don't know which to dl. Quite simply, which guide should I use? I did make some initial steps, and install the Windows XP drivers, first problem when I plug the phone, the PC doesnt even pick it up, nothing appears in My Computer...... Thanks for the advice in advance!

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