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  1. https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B5pT4utVeVriakpaRlpXQk1GdTQ&export=download
  2. I have various problems with final version... someone tried B10? An impression? MeijaICS-tweak-WakeUpWithVolKeys.zip
  3. Spirit FM don't work on last build... to all: i need a functional version of Spirit FM for CM11! Problem solved! Install SpiritFM > Set permission in SU > Restart phone > OK! Thank you!
  4. Hi Kyan, Because this is the best ROM (in my opinion), i want to know if it's possible to transpose the .png's file from CM or ICS (framework, settings, all default apks etc) to this one in the meaning of, to looks like CM or ICS! Thx!
  5. Spirit FM not function on this ROM. it's possible to do something in that way?
  6. Hi guys, Sorry for the delayed response... here is V2 for themed white version which includes toggles & white icons! White version must be used with Holo Launcher and then change dock icons with that. ...excuse my english!
  7. The ROM it's ok but i want the stock face of ICS! It's look like cheap china phone!
  8. Hi bidzapfc, I want to try your work... which version do you recommend for proper stability (please provide me a link)? Thx,
  9. Hi all, First of all, i tryed all ROMs from Modaco for Ascend G300 and i found GB Extreme just proper ROM for this device (in my opinion)! For that reason, i made some themed version of toggles & battery (fits very well with Holo HD Launcher). Thank you Kyan for what you did! Files: GB Extreme_Stock Battery with percent.zip GB Extreme_Stock Battery.zip GB Extreme_White Battery.zip GB Extreme_AddOn_White&Green Toggles.zip
  10. Hi Kyan, do u know how to change the bit rate & frame rate of the video (recording)?
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