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  1. Screens? We want to see:3
  2. Download, download, where is download?! :Q___ Mobile and Camera does work? if yes, mobile works with Vodafone sim 128k?
  3. EmeraldTimer


    I have, contact me on skype: reddonaito
  4. EmeraldTimer

    [Q] Root AT&T One X 4.0.4

    Hi all, i'd like to root and unloock bootloader of my HTC One X AT&T 4.0.4 whit sense 4.0 but... how can i?
  5. EmeraldTimer

    Lewa Os Italian Translation

    Vi do una mano anche io con le correzioni, non ho problemi in Inglese ^^ EDIT: Quando clikko su translate rimane impallato ._. che si deve fare? EDIT2: Ok ora va, su firefox. Sembra ci siano pochi errori
  6. EmeraldTimer

    Slow charging

    CWM recovery-->Advanced--> Wipe battery stats
  7. EmeraldTimer

    Slow charging

    Have you wiped battery stats?
  8. EmeraldTimer

    720p capable camera app ?

    Yes, u can try also LG Camera+
  9. EmeraldTimer

    720p capable camera app ?

    Zoom Camera FX
  10. EmeraldTimer

    MokeeOS Metal *Link Up*

    Yes but... screens?
  11. EmeraldTimer

    Nova launcher prime

    Go launcher is perfect for Liquid Mt and all devices...
  12. EmeraldTimer

    Overclocking vs Battery Drain

    Rom: Gingerounay 3.0.1 OC: 1GHz Battery life: About a day - Normal use
  13. EmeraldTimer

    Lewa OS Liquid Mt (new version)

    I cant singin in google account, i flashed gapps... Is cm based? Cause i cant find APN for 128k usim vodafone
  14. EmeraldTimer

    CWM Touch Recovery Not Working

    Download this and install it. http://www.mediafire.com/?irgh9wgi5173gh8

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