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  1. If you can force update then that should repair it. It don't really matter which one you use, but B952 is the more up to date one
  2. Well that depends on how people use there phones but I've gone from 30-36 hours battery life to approx 48 hours. Antutu benchmarks and fps with this kernel at 1000 are comparable to the old kernel clocked at 1190
  3. Yes, wipes, rom, patch then gapps and reboot will be fine
  4. Updated 18/11/13 Updated rom in first post I have rebuild the rom to use the stock GB kernel. You should be able to install another kernel if you wish, but this is untested so you do so at your own risk (make a backup first). As a result, the kernel settings will no longer work, but I have included No Frills so you can configure Governor & Scheduler. There is no over-clocking with this kernel, but I have found the performance and battery life to be much better with this kernel than the previous one. Rom file will only work on 109808 Baseband, so also flash the patch file if using 2030. Given the number of changes there is no update patch this time, It's best to do all the wipes before flashing this rom. Latest Changes: Now based on stock GB Kernel, should also work with other kernels. Added No Frills CPU Control as the Kernel Settings will no longer work
  5. Have you got the wifi set to turn off when the screens off? Because I found that it does take a while to reconnect if the wifi shuts down. If you have try to set wifi to allways on and see if that helps
  6. 1. Then your doing something wrong. 2. That's the size of the keyboard were given so unfortunately no. What wrong with flashing the rom and then gapps without a restart as it installs fine for me. Yes, I've never had a problem with it.
  7. Updated 3/11/13 Updated rom is in first post. For those already running a previous build just flash this patch without any wipes Patch to 3/11/13 Build - http://www.solidfiles.com/d/598db8f070/ Latest Changes: Fixed FC when manually setting Timezone
  8. If you turn off automatic in date & time settings you should be able to set time zone manually. That's the second report of this happening, if anyone else has this problem can you post the time zone your in so I can investigate as it sets everything right in the UK
  9. Have you given the phone enough time to catalogue the files on your sd card? If not then thats why gallery & music player cant see them
  10. The 20th and 21st October nightly have 3.4 kernel which don't allow overclocking yet.
  11. Found out that the 2030 baseband is breaking logcat. If you really need logcat then http://www.modaco.com/topic/361310-downgrade-upgrade-from-recovery/ may be of help
  12. Odd, anyone else getting this? Have you installed any of the "tweaks" available on this forum?
  13. logcat should already be enabled. In terminal emulator type su logcat > /sdcard/logcat.txt this should dump a copy to your sd card If you get any errors post them here
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