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  1. idcool

    Acer Gallant Duo root / hacking tools

    I got it working now. I tried ABD but couldnt get it to remount using "abd remount" , I would get remount failed: Operation not permitted. Then I tried MobileGo software and even though it said the Launcher2.apk install failed I can now launch to the home screen. Thought I would leave this here for anyone else who accidently deletes the launcher.
  2. idcool

    Acer Gallant Duo root / hacking tools

    I have rooted my phone successfully and deleted some of the files listed above, now my phone wont load the home screen but I can get into settings and some system apps. I think I deleted Launcher2.apk... woops. I am fairly inexperienced with this but I think I can fix my phone by installing a Launcher2.apk from my pc to my phone using ADB. The only problem is I dont have drivers for USB debugging so I cant use ADB. Am I going down the right path to fix this? Thanks in advance. EDIT: Got the ADB working now by installing the official drivers from the acer website, will post back about the Launcher problem.
  3. idcool

    PLS SMS - how to disable?!

    Same here, I also find this an annoying feature. Thanks.

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