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  1. Yes, of course I tried. I used File Expert to try this and was unsuccesful :( Iron Mobile is ued to access my company mails, it encrypts the internal storage (why I accepted this is beyond me), and the only way to undo is perform factory reset (which I am naturally contemplating at this point). I wonder if a factory reset will even solve this... I twitted Xolo but did not get a reply as well.
  2. I can confirm this issue on some more Xolo phones (mine is taking up 1GB of space!) Does anyone know if it affects other companies as well (like Motorola etc.) or is it just a Xolo issue? Is it possible to delete the logs without rooting? I have Iron Mobile installed which encrypts the phone and claims will not work with root Thanks for the help
  3. Games with lags: 1) Battle Group (got this one from some IndieGala Android bundle), on Gingerbread it loaded, but was unplayable. With ICS, there are some slowdowns and the speech is chopped, but the game itself is playable 2) Zen Bound 2 - Works, but does not feel "smooth" like it should be, I consider this playable as well. Other than those games, the device pretty much coped with anything I threw at it (~50 games :) )
  4. If you take out the Gameloft back catalog, 95% of my games are compatible (from around 50). Unfortunately, I made the mistake of pointing out to the Humble guys that Osmos HD in the Humble Android Bundle does not work with Xolo, and the Google Play version does... the response from Apportable (who I assume helps the devs port their IOS apps to Android?) was to remove Osmos HD from the Google Play store for Xolo users... which struck me by surprise (you can check my twitter to see how that played out). If indeed they fix the games, only "They Need To Be Fed" will be in a non-working state (YoYo games requested I submit a bug, so I will).
  5. Asphalt 5 Free seems to install and play fine as well. I haven't really played Asphalt 6, I bought it in one of those Android sales Google did for a ridiculous price...
  6. Could you provide me with a link or pointer as to what is the wap gameloft site (I get the standard desktop version when going to Gameloft using Chrome). I purchased Asphalt 6 through Google Play (back when I was using Nexus S) so not sure how that would work exactly (do I need to re-buy directly from Gameloft?) EDIT: I think I cannot access the WAP site as I am not a resident of the UK
  7. Wiped and uninstalled whatever I could find with "Google Play" on it and rebooted, no dice, Temple Run is not available to me :( When I browse Google Play website on my desktop computer it is also claimed as incompatible... EDIT: SCRATCH THAT! I did a refresh on the page and now it's available :), installed and plays great. WOOOO :) EDIT2: Asphalt 6 still not available, but at least 7 is there (good sign for other Gameloft games? I know Asphalt 6 was demoed on the Intel reference design, you can see it clearly on YouTube)
  8. So I understand you can simply see the Gameloft games and the original Temple Run on the Google Play store by a simple search? I guess this is some kind of region (network provider?) block of some sort... infuriating
  9. Well, I just installed Chrome fine, so Play definitely knows I have ICS running (as it is not possible to download Chrome from Google Play using Gingerbread as far as I know). Is the original (free) Temple Run available to the rest of you directly from Google Play?
  10. Indeed I did (World Of Goo + Swords & Soldiers from the Humble Bundle are working, as well as Dead Space which used to crash after downloading the data file) I can see Temple Run: Brave (but I'm pretty sure that was always there, Disney apps were working on Gingerbread too). Also, I cannot download Asphalt 6 either... :( Does it take time for Google Play to 'register' I am running ICS or something (I don't think it's a regional thing since I had it on my old Nexus S, plus it seems odd that they will deny me access to my already purchased items).
  11. Google Play still says it's incompatible with my device, how did you get it to install?
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