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  1. hi everyone, i am currently running cm 10 (running smoothly) and wanted to know if it is a good idea to shift to this rom for daily use, as blade is my only device. also does the new trim function of 4.3 work to keep the device fluid even after installing alot of apps; and lastly if someone could tell me a good solution for a substitute of s2e, for this rom, Thank You
  2. i tried the mod with trasparent statusbar, pulldown and britness slider; it is really neatly done but after flashing the zip the nav bar disappeared and i was not able to bring it back by any means . can u plz fix that.
  3. Thank You Sir for providing the link...... although i have flashed alot of roms without gapps ,that work fine, this one actually didn't. all that i mentioned was not working earlier, started working after flashing the gapps package and no , i didn't flash any wrong gapps package( i just flashed the rom) Anyways , thanks alot for your help.
  4. where can i get the gapps package for this rom????? :huh: Moreover , home button isn't working in this rom :blink: ,neither the hardware button nor the nav bar home button ,and there is no lockscreen as well ,(it is set on slide) [ i am coming from cm 10.1 by konsta t and did a complete wipe before flashing this one]
  5. can someone plz provide a flashable zip for nav bar ........my hardware keys don't work properly :( and this rom dosen't have an option to enable it in the settings. (i tried two nav bar mods for cm9 from xda forums but both didn't work with this rom :huh: )
  6. Good job man ........ i love both of your projects - PA and Root Box......... You Rock Dude :)
  7. i was wondering if u could integrate halo into ur next build( if u plan on an update). Although CM officially didn't integrate halo into it's rom many devs have started doing .so here's what i found on xda , it's for Nexus 4. but he has given some tips to do it yourself-http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=2346265 obviously i am way too much dumb to do it myself (that's why i am requesting here), so if u could look up into it and integrate halo into this rom it would be Awesome. Thank You (Pardon me if it cannot be done in this rom due to armv6 restrictions or some other problems....although halo works perfectly on our blades in PA rom but that rom is not as stable and fast as this one)
  8. well , a file manager would be really appreciated , although sd ext tool may not be useful to everyone as a system app as many users don't use it (although i do)....... if possible ,could u update the gapps package, the given zip is old and the newer version of google play has to be downloaded every time i do a clean install.
  9. thanks for the update.... this rom is really good and stable . i personally think that the only thing holding it back to become the best rom for blade is that the recent apps window lags , compared to cm10.1 ( i am not complaining, but if u could please improve it in your next update it would be great), although it is smooth and stable in all other areas and navigation bar works even better than it does in CM. Moreover it says it is based on CM as well but i didn't find the CM settings (as seen in CM 10.1), and also notification pull-down is entirely opaque and cannot be changed to translucent or transparent as in CM.
  10. the controls for answering calls are shifted towards the right a little bit in this rom, i have never seen this in any other android 4.2 rom.............. plz fix them in the next build if possible Thank You
  11. i said the the same thing before as well ..... it didn't work no matter how many times i switched mobile data on and off and reboot didn't do any benefit either ;although i have not tried the latest 12th july update, if anyone using the latest version could confirm it would be helpful . Anyways except that this rom is great.
  12. Moreover rootbox rom has it's own settings menu inside system settings which pac man rom never had.......
  13. Bullshit is what your comment sounds like. How can you use the latest uploaded rom over the previous one without a full wipe. PS: PAC Man Rom and Rootbox Rom are two different roms entirely.
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