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  1. Hi omi900, Don't despair... u might just need a USB 2.0 connection, official Rom to upgrade first again and make the phone working before you flash a new rom... just in case, try this rom... it might be useful... check out the archives. Ock's ROMS
  2. Here in the Philippines, it costs around $200 for an 8GB and $200-$250 for a 16GB... Cheers
  3. right... im currently using ock's white GTX... its so fast.... :lol:
  4. Ic ic.... hmmm... so what's the best rom ever here that has the best eye candy and functionality? or any winmo 6.5 with sense 2.1?
  5. Good evening guys... I was just wondering if we have any ROMs that has Winmo6.5 with Sense 2.5 in it? i tired searching the forum for 3 days now and still no go... Any help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks...
  6. help needed.... no contact softkey shortcut... it doesnt do anything... any solution???
  7. You should set it at a specific pixel to be able to view it in SPB mobile shell 3. cant remember the size though.... but that's the solution. :) Found it!!! 960 X 748 pixels should be the size. Goodluck!!! ;)
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