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  1. I never bothered getting it fixed, it's still sitting in a box in pieces. You can get them from ebay for roughly £16, you might want to take it to a shop first and get them to diagnose it properly. If it is the synaptic then buy one from ebay and replace it yourself it'll be cheaper, unless your phone is still under warranty then you might as well send it in for repair.
  2. Could be a problem with your synaptic cable as in hardware. When I dropped my skate in the sink I took it apart to dry it, but accidently severed the synaptic cable, I tried glueing it back together but it just mad the screen act eratic, very similar to what your describing.
  3. Strange, this is usually an issue if it is plugged into the charger but the fact it's happening when it's not as well.
  4. Does this happen to occur when you have your device plugged into a charger?
  5. I'll post a guide later, just need to dig out my digi cam. Tools you'll need for this endeavour : A set of small screw drivers, a flat piece of plastic for levering parts out ( I found the best tool for this to be a handle from a diy ice lolly kit :P ) hoover with brush attachment, surgeon gloves, toothbrush, anti static cloth or chamois leather and a clean workspace of a light colour for easy identification of missing parts etc.
  6. Hmmm, try clearing play store data and google framework, boot into cwm wipe dalvik and reboot.
  7. Does it come back with an error or does it just stay stuck? Try updating the play store with the latest apk from plegdroid in PJ2 thread :)
  8. Check that you have enabled mobile data and the mms settings have been configured properly. Failing that you could try setting the AP type of data to "default,supl" and the one in mms AP to "default,supl,mms"
  9. Just pull the apk's from the rom on your computer/sd (if you still have it) and push them to system/app set permissions to rw-r-r and reboot :)
  10. Thanks man, I did pretty much this. Although as i was taking the screen off I snapped the synaptic thingymabob, so any hope of getting it working again are gone me thinks. I could always get a demmic skate off ebay and butcher it for parts :P
  11. Hahaha that's superb. Yeah I've heard some serious horror stories about cheap batteries etc. think i'll just stick with stock :P
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