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  1. Hi I got a huawei g510 for my mother. It is from New Zealand and has the green notification led on the left top corner of the phone. If I compare the blinking green light to an older huawei g300 the flashing green notificiation light is really really dim. Is this a problem with her phone or are they all really dim. Remember - I am talking about Huawei g510 - with notification on the LEFT top corner. LEFT: RIGHT:
  2. Your screen shot shows you browsing google using 2G/GSM data (ie EDGE connection, that's what the E stands for, it is not 3G)
  3. Also after unlocking the bootloader i'm wondering if it is worthwhile to reverse the change and then get an unofficial unlock using adb. How common are the 3g restarts?
  4. That is the most precise, complete and simple to follow set of rooting/flashing/backing up instructions I have ever seen. It should be a gold standard for other forum guides on xda/modacco. I really appreciate it. Can you recommend a stable rom for daily use. I am currently running stock android 4.0.3 B936 and my main problem is that it is somtimes the phone is laggy when texting with swype which means a swype will get truncated halfway through swyping and I end up with two words. I wasn't sure which of the following would be best for me: 1. ICS Stock + B960 - http://www.modaco.com/topic/360947-romics-stock-rom-b960-r6-updated-06-03/ 2. CM10 weekly - 3. CM10 favarooo - 4. CM9.1 weekly - Thanks in advance
  5. kiwijunglist

    Swype Issues

    Hi Model: U8815 Baseband: 2030 Android: 4.0.3 Rom: Sotck B936 When I'm using swype it frequently messes up my swype and turns a single word swype into multiple nonsensical words. My theory is that something is causes the touch sensor to tell swype that my finger has lost contact with the screen for a few milliseconds that messes up my swype. Does anyone have this problem? I'm wondering if it's a fault with the screen or if chanigng rom might help? The problem happens randomly sometimes swype will be perfect and sometimes it will be unusable and I will have to wait go back and reswype an entire sentence. I'm also wondering if an overclock might fix it, is there a tool that will monitor cpu useage so I can see if cpu is being maxed out while txting? Thanks Kiwi

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