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  1. I was thinking about selling the phone for 120€, it is in a good condition and still under warranty . The battery can go for 35€ -- was 85€ some months ago, used it for 2/3 of the time.
  2. That duration is worth nothing without a reference to my results with the stock battery. With stock battery i made it from 7am to 7pm, sometimes more, sometimes less. (-> day) With Mugen it was double -> 7am to next evening 23h. (-> day + night + day) I never again didn't make the day with it, that was my goal. If you have root -> mugen has a nice free app to create battery profiles for stock & Mugen. So if you switch battery, you switch profile -> Always correct info. You can also change battery stats on other ways but that's another discussion. mugen's app works great.
  3. Someone perhaps interested in buying this battery ? I am trying to sell both the Phone and the battery ...
  4. wimmme

    Battery max input

    don't know, you could test that with a powermeter. mine is in use atm, should wait for about ten days. but maybe my S500 is sold within 10 days, don't know yet ...
  5. wimmme

    Battery max input

    An electronic device determines the power it takes, not the charger. It is possible that the power is limited by the chargers limitation.. The only thing that's important is the voltage.
  6. wimmme

    Phone upgrade.

    it's an LG G2 32GB Black. it was 515€ at bol.com I can recover VAT, and combined with the current cashback for 50€ that results in 375€ Hope i can still recover some money from my S500 (combined with Mugen Battery) which is still in waranty?. Quadrant score: 17427 Antutu: 35524 :wub:
  7. wimmme

    Phone upgrade.

    Pretty Happy with my new LG G2 :-) Time to sell my S500 ... See you guys maybe in another forum sometimes ;-)
  8. wimmme

    Phone upgrade.

    looking to buy a new Phone too, probably a second hand LG G2. Notification LED and 5.2" display :wub:, but lacking MicroSD :unsure: otherwise it would be the perfect Phone (for me). maximum screen you can carry in your pocket :)
  9. wimmme

    Secret buttons below screen

    <Offtopic>You can use xposed + gravitybox for hiding navbar and pie controls; works great; plus 200 other nifty tweaks :-). Does it show I am a fan ?</offtopic> Would indeed be a very nice hardware tweak to have capacitive buttons :-) Or a notification LED :-)))
  10. wimmme

    Phone upgrade.

    Community IS important. My spare phone was my first android phone, to see if i could live with android after Maemo on my Nokia N900. IT is a second hand ZTE Blade V1, bought it for 50€, and it's running CM11, Android 4.4.2 KitKat ... There is huge community supporting it and that makes a big difference ... I still use it for festivals :-)
  11. wimmme

    Phone upgrade.

    I wouldn't buy a Phone that hasn't got 4G/LTE anymore, at least a 4.7" display and Android 4.3. And until that combo becomes very affordable, I'll stick with my S500. LG G2 or so would be nice ;-)
  12. I experienced no more reboots since clean install. it is a great ROM !
  13. hey execpwd, nice to se you here too ;-) (Acer S500) I just yesterday received my Nexus 7 2012, after updating 4.2.2 -> 4.3 -> 4.4.2, I Unlocked and rooted it right away :-) I started here for unlocking and booting, all credits earned !, but ended up using another solution (link) that did a wonderfull job. I think it's enough to reboot in fastboot mode, there you see if it is locked. Shut down, then booth while holding Vol + and - pressed
  14. I found my phone sometimes 'dead', but also sometimes wating for PIN -> rebooted in my pocket. Most of the time I use my Mugen Extended battery, but I also experience this with my stock battery. I recallibrate battery stats from time to time (I have to since i use battery profiles (3200 mAh vs 1450mAh)) Will see what a clean install did to my phone ;-)
  15. Well, did a fresh and clean install yesterday. Will keep you posted on the stability :-)

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