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  1. Ok, I've followed your suggestions and can now boot into CM10 again. - Thanks Guys! ^_^ I'm still getting the same issue from before though with the keyboard not working so can't do many things. I'm getting this message continously flashing up for a split second... "Unfortunately, Android keyboard (AOSP) has stopped." If I try and enter any data fields the above message displays for longer and I obviously can't fill anything in as the keyboard won't display/work. :unsure: Also the browser wont' work. - It tries to open and shuts straight away. :blink: Please can you help again guys? Thanks
  2. Please can someone help? :unsure: This was running fine for me on the 1st revision, I saw I had an available update in CM Updater but when I tried to download R2 it just showed the downloading icon at the top for hours. I tried again and again with the same results. Eventually I thought I'd just make do with what I currently have and tried to cancel the download but it keeps re-trying. If I 'force-stop' the app I get issues with the keyboard app stopping continously and gapps errors. Out of frustration I downloaded R6 to my PC and uploaded the zip via usb to my sd root and installed. Now all I get is the CM boot screen. - The phone in currently unusable. :( Please help relove this? :huh: Thanks
  3. gapps installed and can now download apps to internal SD but camera, some other apps and unofficial apps still say they need external SD?
  4. TBH No, It was more by luck than judgement. I've since cleared everything and now have CM10 installed but I didn't install the gapps. Can I do this at anytime or does it have to be with the cm10 zip? Also I can't download anything at present and even the apps I've already paid for and previously installed. - Is this because I don't have gapps? Thanks
  5. I finally managed to find a get around by installing a later cwm via adb which then allowed me to update via .zip. :D I now have a new problem though :( ... I installed Cyanogenmod 10 which said it was successful but when the nice spinning boot screen appears, it starts loading and then gives a message similar to " Unfortunately 'com.android.phone' could not be opened". It continues to boot into the main OS screen and then boot loops continously. Does anyone have a fix for this please? :blink: Thanks!
  6. Hi Bladebuddy, In response to your Q's; - Yes and Yes. The pc usb connection shows the internal SD's contents. Trying to mount the SD in CWM gives the following error... "E:Cant mount /sdcard". Thanks for your input. ;)
  7. Mattmac

    Cannot mount SD card

    Hi, Sorry, :( I can't help you with this problem but I had similar symptoms to you and posted for help in this thread: http://www.modaco.co...pdatedowngrade/ Hopefully if there are a few of us with similar issues someone technically minded will come to our assistance? :huh: I hope you get it sorted.
  8. I ordred a genuine Sandisk 32GB card which was also advertised as high speed, android specific etc.. and that doesn't work either. :blink: I checked the card on my PC and it recognizes it and read/writes fine (even in a cheapo usb adapter!). I tried it in my girlfriends Ace 2 and that didn't register either? Please please can someone help me out here? :unsure: I either need to get my SD cards working or some instructions for ADB please? This forum is the main reason I bought this phone - because of the amazingly talented people out there that have the technical know how to perform minor miracles. I'm surprised I can't get any advice? :huh: If nobody can help I'm gonna give up and use my 3 month old G300 as an alarm clock or a paperweight. :( Apologies, but I'm a little frustrated as I've followed all forum post instructions to letter and got nowhere.
  9. It's possible I suppose. One time I had a video clip on the SD card that the kids wanted to watch on tv and my daughter couldn't wait for me to sort it out and removed the card without unmounting or powering down the phone. I got a message on the screen about the card not being removed properly but when I properly re-inserted the card everything was ok. I can't think of a work around other than using ADB and I don't have the knowledge of ADB commands or what files I should use to push to the phone and repair/update that way if possible. CWM appears to be working but again I don't know enough to be sure all is well. While my phone isn't bricked (it nearly was!) It's not very usable as it's unstable. I can live without the SD if I have to for storage but I would like to at least get it running properly again. I'd really appreciate any help! Thanks.
  10. Please can someone help me out of this situation? :( I have tried my existing SD card in my PC and it works fine. I've checked it with dedicated sd card software for errors and it's fine. I've tried it in my daughters Huawei G7105 and it works fine. I bought a new sd card to double check and that doesn't work either. <_< I got my IMEI back and now I'm basically stuck on a screwed up version of Stock+ with missing apps, it's laggy and has random crashes. I want to somehow get to CM10. I have CWM based recovery v4.0.1.5 and if I try to update via .zip i get the following.. E:Cant mount /sdcard If I try 'hold vol up/down' update method, I either get a pink screen or the progress bar gets to about 1/3rd of the way and stops. Is this an eMMC type error? Can someone pls talk me through what I need to do to resolve this? I'm fairly technically minded but don't know linux code or adb commands to sort this out so some step by step commands would be appreciated please? ;) I had a stock ICS working fine and SD working before all this and Stock+ was good but I don't know why the SD stopped working? Thanks.
  11. Hi, Please can someone help me?... I was using Cydas Stock+ Rom whilst waiting for Cyanogenmod 10 to be released in a working version. I've just attempted to intall via the clockworkmod .zip update method but for some reason my sd card won't read/mount. It's been fine in the past to get me to this point and I've just carried out a software test on it for corruption etc and it's showing as good. As this wasn't working I thought I try a 'downgrade' to B926 as a kind of 'reset'. I followed the Guide on Upgrades/Downgrades and managed to change my IMEI but still just getting a pink screen when attempting an update.app. Basically I'm now left what looks to be a blank/fresh Stock+ Rom installation with an incorrect IMEI and SD card not working for some reason. What can do to get out of this please? I've ordered new SD card as I don't have a spare. Can I use ADB to update? If so does anyone have a step by step guide please? Thanks for reading and Merry Xmas! Matt
  12. Mattmac

    Tethering advice

    Thanks for the quick reply! :) Yes, That is the simplest solution but I'd really like to conserve power by using a wired usb connection if possible.
  13. Hi, Can any recommend either an app or some step by step instructions for usb tethering between my G300 and an android tablet please? :huh: There's loads of info and tethering apps out there but they're all geared towards using your android phone's internet connection on windows, mac or linux. (Yes, I know android is linux based but I haven't managed to get a linux version to work.) Every app I've tried sets up fine on the phone and tells me that tethering is on but I either haven't a clue how you direct the 'non-host' device to use the usb for an internet connection, or the only software is pc/mac based. :unsure: Both devices are rooted and running ICS. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! ;)
  14. Hi, Does anyone know what the 'U.FL' type rf socket (just above the screw on the right between battery and SD slot) is for exactly? Presumably it's for an external antenna for either the phones WIFI or Mobile phone signal? If anyone can shed any light on this or maybe there's a technical diagram or spec out there somewhere? It would be handy to know for wardiving/weak signal areas etc.. ;)
  15. I also experienced a kind of boot loop and followed a similar method to that in post 101 above. I managed to update to official ICS but I've noticed a couple of weird things that I was hoping someone could explain please... Since the update, if I connect my phone via usb to my pc I can only see the one 'drive' as if I now only have one partition or no free space? My phone number in the settings is completely different, even though I can get the phone to ring by dialling my usual number? Having updated, I really don't like all the vodafone rubbish and splash. How can I easily change to a de-branded ICS please? :blink:

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