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  1. I have had a strange problem that when i turned the signature verify function on and install a zip in CWM recovery, But all package failed the verifying at the same percent (about 20% or less). What's worse, the package will be destroyed! I've tried several recoveries (official 5020, snapit 6011,6015) and several roms (including gb, ics, jb and gapps for all above). All roms will get broken while gapps can't get through the verification but don't get broken. And I used md5 and sha1 hash to convince my guess. Before verification, all packages have the same hash with them in my hard disk. After verification, though, all roms' hash changed but gapps remains the same. Strange, uhu? Is there anyone that have found the same problem? I'd appreciate your replies btw kon's 6012,6014 is unavailable on my china unicom blade....

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