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  1. Disable pin lock and try again. I understand there is a problem with pin lock.
  2. For first problem try to use another launcher if this happens when you not use an application. Or try to reinstall. I use adw launcher ex and is working OK
  3. This ROM is for g300 not for y300. You could brick your phone
  4. I'm running cm10 from 28.06 and for me is much smooth then cm 7 or ics
  5. Try to reinstall . I don't have any problems with this ROM.
  6. Yes. You can use this kernel on stock rom . For zram I use pimp my rom.
  7. I don't have any of this problems only led notification not working and music fx showing on black and not stick with settings
  8. I have jsevi patch but I will search tillaz patch when I will be home. Thanks for info and for your work :)
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