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  1. thanks a lot.. i'll follow these bug reports :)
  2. Working: Bluetooth (& bt-tethering?) Bluetooth works but only partially... if I pair the phone with my car stereo I can stream music but I can't retrieve the Artist and Title of the current song. Also I can't use the loudspeaker of the car stereo via bluetooth. Are these known issues? In previous roms (cm7/cm9/cm10) they worked correctly. Thanks
  3. oh great.. so it related to hw accel (as expected).. @jventura any chance to apply that patch to a future release of ECO? plz :)
  4. unfortunately gmail in CM9 and ECO as well is buggy.. sometimes the content of the email is not visible. I have to try an updated gmail from CM10 or some other trick. :S
  5. mine was ext3 as well.. looking in s2e logs it was correctly detected even if ext3 (probably converted in ext4 on the fly).. otherwise you could try to partition it again in recovery manager.
  6. instead of link2sd use S2E from market.. it is a better solution ihmo. after installation enable 'mount as ext4' in s2e options then reboot... open again s2e and enable the 4 checkbox in main page, reboot again and from now all your apps will be installed to sdcard (obviously sdext should be already partitioned)
  7. What a great ROM.. thanks jventura! Lately I've tried the cm10 by Konsta but the battery unfortunately lasted just half a day (usually with cm7 I got 1/2 days). Now with your EcoBlade i'm really satisfied .. it doesn't drain anything. Great job! I had just to install Pico TTS via .apk to get Voice guide in Google Map/Navigator.. Also Simple2Ext works great on this rom. BTW... Happy new year to everybody from Rome ;)
  8. Hi! I'd like to know if these are known issues with this rom: * Google Navigator crashes often * Google Voice doesn't work at all thanks!

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