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  1. I suggest the Nexus 4 especially with its new price.That is unless you specifically want a chinese phone Really? Where in the world do you live?! Its been an absolute pleasure taking part in this topic guys, there have many interesting discussions going round over the past 6 months or so and it been fun to be part of them. However after the £80 Nexus 4 price cut yesterday i decided to shell out a bit more money to buy a 16GB N4 (seriously £200 is ridiculously good for that phone). I still might hang around here occasionally though because i might still decide to buy a chinese phone as a secondary phone. I wish you all the best with getting your desired phones :)
  2. I know this is probably not the response you wanted but i honestly suggest that you try and few out and decide for yourself. However if your looking for a generally smooth rom, slimbean and CM9/10.1 are pretty good
  3. Well i'm pretty sure this is not really the response you wanted but honestly i recommend trying them out for yourself and seeing which you like best. A nice smooth rom however is slimbean or cm9/10.1
  4. Sorry, my apologies for not knowing, but what does that mean. I have also heard it doesn't have WCDMA. What does that mean? Ive have never been clear on these mobile signal terms
  5. Im not gonna lie guys, this is really REALLY interesting. http://www.gizchina.com/2013/07/31/xiaomi-red-rice-launches-at-just-130-cheapest-mt6589t-phone/ All of a sudden my interest has gone off the jiayu g4 and onto this. Its such a good phone for such a good price, from an awesome manufacturer Im excited. Hope they are selling in shops when i get to china
  6. Update 26.07.13 - Updates to a few listed ROMs - General housekeeping
  7. Well you says its thick, but its not any thicker than the g300 actually (ok maybe 1mm thicker) but that surley is not that thick Edit: After a bit of searching the V5 has a thickness of 9.2 mm and the Jiayu G4 has a thickness of 10mm. That's only 0.8mm difference. Is that really thick?
  8. Wow. I must say its very interesting to see that CM10 has been ported to the G4 here Ignore that, it seems i read wrongly with the google translate and all :P
  9. Nope they have no back light. But seriously, you don't know where the home, back and menu buttons are? ;) I don't see them having no back light as a problem. Quote from dakok: Zopo C2 is no-no at present. I`ve been reading thru their forum and found this: - they have 3-4 different versions distinguished by stickers inside battery compartment and back color and can`t explain to customers version difference - they have problems with battery charging
  10. Guys you might want to check this out. G4 for a very good discount http://www.gizchina.com/2013/06/19/spemall-offering-jiayu-g4-discount-to-gizchina-readers/
  11. Thanks a lot dakok :D Im a gamer, so ill be sure to take you advice into account :) Plus thanks for the heads up about the C2 - very interesting i must say +1 to that. You know if you want a REALLY big battery you could wait till the Xiaomi Mi3 which has a 3600mAh battery get released :P Fancy joining the group buying then? What's your cut off price for the G4? I would offer to buy you and JetKun one when i go to china, but i dont want the responsibility or 100's of people then asking me to buy them one as well, so sorry about that :P Edit: oooo look at this http://www.jiayu.es/software.php?soft&jiayu=G4B. The CWM is supposed to be in English which is pretty awesome
  12. Haha you got me :P Oh god, i hate you so much. Just when I though I had decided on a phone :P Looking at you list though ive suddenly because interested in the Zopo C2. I have 2 questions about it though. What is a li-polymer battery? is that better or worse than a normal lithium battery? Because if its just normal, a 2000 mAh battery looks a bit small especially for a 1080p screen Also, does anyone know how much a 1080p screen will slow down the phone because that is really the only thing im worried about a 1080p phone. Reading reviews, the Galaxy S4 is supposed to be a bit laggy because it has a 1080p screen, but it has 2 gb of ram! (Mind you, saying that, it cant be worse than my g300 which i have been putting up with)
  13. Hmm as good as it looks i have 2 problems with it. 1. the screen is around about the same resolution of the g300 and if im getting a new phone i sot of want to upgrade to "retina" or something. Additionally its not 720p which again i would quite like 2. Screen is a bit small for my liking. Yes i know im a bit picky thinking 5 is too big and 4.5 is too small but i genuinely believe it might be. I personally thing 4.7 is the best size judging by my friends nexus. 3. Again no gorilla glass :P
  14. I like that idea :) But to be honest, in that case i probably wont be part of the group buying as its cheaper to just buy in china. But since im definitely going to buy one id be willing to do like a hands on for you guys when i get back :D
  15. So a lot of people here are now receiving their V5 or have ordered one. However i'm wondering if there are any any people left here that want to still get the G4 like me (because im fixed on it if im honest ;) ). The reason I ask is because, if there are, I was thinking we might be able to do a group buy like some forums sometimes do and then get it cheaper. What does everyone think?

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