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  1. Please , how to run Android AP (Wifi-Hotspot) via ADB ? My Display is owned ... edit: using ROM Android 4.1.2 KonstaKANG
  2. home button not working for me with andoird 4.1.2 & Gapps for 4.2.1 , I flashed gapps for 4.1.2 and work's :)
  3. EDIT; 672mhz ist best stable , phone rebooted with 691mhz
  4. I have same problem , i overclocked cpu under 710mhz (672mhz ,691mhz is best) and solved ;)
  5. if the SD formatted so must make new partition , if no , so must mount partition only (withou format)
  6. i flashed 15.1 build without wipe and flashed this zip , script only mount sd-ext , not format , apps from sdext not deleted , with script
  7. Hi , i used CM 10.1 and S2E from jb 4.1.2 not working , I used simple script and s2e from CM7 and Created flashable zip. Tested on CM10.1 Build 12.1 & 15.1 , Working 100% ------------------------------------------------------------------- Simple2EXT.jb4.2 http://www.mediafire...o0ltnbu0caaaa4v Flash zip via CWM Recovery , and configure in s2e :) note: ext partition mounted ! do not mount ext4 in s2e ! enjoy
  8. hi , i found a bug , turned phone on without sim card ( airplane mode is off) = extremely lags , slowly and system apps crashing ... turned airplane on and solved ... who ? sry for my bad eng :D btw. is very good ROM for daily use :)
  9. I tried edit photo , and edit closed without error , it's same with another galery from 4.2
  10. i tried all roms on modaco :D android 4.0.4 is winner , jb -1 for camera artefact's , 4.0.4 working without problems and hw accel. is good ... Chainfire is working good , (on jb not working) ,,,, ICS is winner :)
  11. These developers remind me somewhat of Santa Claus. Yesterday, we were treated to an early build of the Swype-like keyboard from Android 4.2, and now, we have the official camera APK as well. After having it installed for only about 5 minutes, I can already say it’s a huge improvement over the last variations and I already know I’m going to completely fall in love with Photo Sphere. But enough talk, let’s get to installing it on your device. Firstly, this zip is only available for Galaxy Nexus phones that are rooted. All others need not apply. Sorry. If you’re packing a rooted G-Nex with a custom recovery installed, follow the instructions below. Also, some people are reporting bugs with Photo Sphere – mine worked fine, but just know that there are issues for some. Instructions: 1. Download the 4.2Camera.zip (mirror) file. http://www.mediafire...i7r9nj94dcfcjo0 2. Place the zip file on the root of your phone’s storage. 3. Reboot into your recovery. 4. Just in case, make a backup. 5. Flash the 4.2Camera.zip file. (No need to wipe anything) 6. Once installed, reboot your phone. 7. Lastly, enjoy it! tested on ZTE Blade with android 4.1.2 [KonstaKANG] CAM Work's btw panorama not working tested on ZTE Blade with android 4.0.4 [KonstaKANG] CAM Work's without crashes , panorama not working Original topic : http://www.droid-lif...phere-included/ # edit : added screenshots (4.1.2) #edit2 : Tested on 4.0.4 and Work's with no crashes ...
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