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  1. ivan.arandjelovic

    SGS4 battery good or not?

    My personal experience is that S4 has decent battery life, ranging anywhere from 1 day (if you turn on WIFI + Data and you have couple of hours screen on time during the day) up to 5-6 days when WIFI and Data are off, and you have only few SMS and calls during the day. More than acceptable, if you ask me.
  2. ivan.arandjelovic

    [ICS] [4.0.4] CyanogenMod 9.1 [ROM]

    Is this only me or calendar notifications do not blink led lights in your case as well?
  3. ivan.arandjelovic

    [JB] [4.3.1] CyanogenMod 10.2 [ROM]

    Is anyone also experiencing very long lag when waking up the phone via power button (usually after more than few minutes of sleep)? In general the ROM is not slow (at least compared to 10.1), but the wakeup lag is sometimes couple of seconds or more, at least in my case, which is really too much. I wonder if others experience same issue? BTW, I have not changed default settings related to CPU frequencies, governor, or anything else related to performance.
  4. I installed 6.6 and did a factory reset, so it should be quite "clean" install. Hmmm, I wonder if gapps might have something to do with it? I think I'll try completely clean install once i have some time (wiping everything, with no gapps, or no extra package, etc.). I wonder how "oldfella" has no problems with responsiveness ... The lag causes me a nervous breakdown when I press "menu" button :)
  5. Hi, just to mention that I installed the rom recently and I was really impressed with some features (for example battery life, which seems to be absolutely decent, in the range of ICS). Everything else was also working nice, but, the rom is one of the slowest rom's ever, which make it impossible to use on a day-to-day basis. Even simplest tasks like opening app drawer or starting apps have significant delay. Interestingly enough, none of the CPU settings was able to change/improve this (increase min freq,change governor, etc. ..)
  6. ivan.arandjelovic

    G300 restarting when hot

    CWM and TWRP are not bootloaders and reboots will not stop if they are caused by bootloader. The only way to have properly unlocked boot loader is to install official B952 (for example) via UPDATE.APP, and then unlock bootloader with the code provided from Huawei (search the forum), only then you can install CWM or TWRP.
  7. ivan.arandjelovic

    G300 restarting when hot

    Are you absolutely sure that restarts are caused by squeezing the phone, or by temperature? Because, restarts are known issue with all rom's when bootloader is not properly unlocked (via official unlock code), so maybe the restarts are not temperature related?
  8. ivan.arandjelovic

    [JB] [4.2.2] CyanogenMod 10.1 [ROM]

    Basically, there are no critical or blocker bugs :)
  9. ivan.arandjelovic

    I'm begging you help please:'(((

    Sounds like hardware problem :( Can the phone work if you connect it to the charger without battery? (someone said this should work, in case battery is causing problems). To me, it looks like some piece of hardware died, tough luck mate :( Valuable lesson for the future: Do not play with piece of hardware you can not afford to write-off (or easily buy another one).
  10. Oh yes, the camera is not working properly. I'we replaced it with Camera JB+, which seems to work more or less OK. Kyan, maybe you should replace camera with some other that works, if others are having the this issue as well. edit: no, cam jb+ also blocks from time to time :(
  11. Well, I copied the new script to init.d, adjusted permissions and rebooted the phone. It rings OK, assuming the new script was executed (haven't wiped dalvik and cache though, I doubt that shell scripts have anything to do with dalvik). So, it seems OK. But, I wonder if the script effects (of the previous or the new one) can be noticed at all :) , also having processes with -20 or -18 priority is quite unusual for linux, unless they are kernel daemons or so.
  12. Yup, fixed it for me as well :) p.s. I took a look at the script content. As far as I can tell, it seems to sets different nice levels (term for priority in Linux terms) to system process. System processes, launcher and some other processes get high priority, but this probably messes up the way these processes play media. So, it definitely makes sense that removing this tweak fixes the problem.
  13. @kupp See edit of my previous post, maybe formating dalvick and cache will help you too.
  14. Hi Kyan, I do hesitate to test new roms lately, since majority of them is not really fit for everyday use, but I gave a chance to Tesla :) First, congratulations for job (alsmost) well done. The rom is really smooth and feels a bit snappier than stock rom, I was really pleasantly surprised. However, I found two bugs which made be back it up and restore stock rom: 1. (severity: normal) Superuser app was constantly displaying toast (or notifications) over and over again during time when some app was using root access, and this was quite annoying. However, setting notifications in superuser to "none" solved the issue. 2. (severity: blocker) When receiving a call ringtone was not played properly, there would be pauses, as if the phone is struggling with lack of CPU power. I tried this with different ringtones and it happens with all of them. Of course, while you are choosing the ringtone they are played correctly - problem happens only during incoming calls. This was the really nasty issue, which made me backup the rom. Now, it's possible that these two issues are only related to my installation, so I'll try full factory reset (and cleaning cache + dalvik), then I'll check if ti happens again or not. Nevertheless, thanks for a nice rom. If I have not encountered ringtone issue it would remain my favorite for a everyday rom. Thanks a lot! Regards Ivan Edit: ringtone problem resolved, wipe of dalvick and cache seems to resolved the ringtone problem. Superuser issue still remains, but it's not sucha big deal. So, let's give this ROM a chance :)
  15. ivan.arandjelovic

    Obsession with Flashing....

    After 20-30 times I got over it and realized that stock roms are the only one really working :( , and updates of CM and other roms never really fix any important issue.

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