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  1. jchetrit

    Sd card troubleshooting

    In adb insécure check box enable insecure adb only Strange the message sd blank maybe try with another sd card
  2. jchetrit

    Sd card troubleshooting

    Follow my Last Post Exactly flash again with xolo.in usb update.zip and root the phone And follow my steps I Don t understand it worked for me without nothing more Maybe it s due to your sd card, is it formatted in fat 32 ? Be sure you have activated the first choice of adb insecure
  3. jchetrit

    Sd card troubleshooting

    I made again it cause of an appli which had erased wifi so I reached with other way only with Ricky tool I followed these steps 7 root Activated adbd insecure checked fist box only 9 enable init 10 hack 11 enable sd card 12 mass 14 That's all
  4. jchetrit

    Sd card troubleshooting

    No unroot necessary Just turn off Your phone and reboot pressing Power and vol — Android boot will appear and Press Power and vol up and Select Recovery You won t Loose any data
  5. jchetrit

    Sd card troubleshooting

    Sorry for my bad English I am French If it can help you I reached this way : First return in recovery mode and flash again xolo ics update and root your phone by Ricky tool Quit Ricky tool Connect your phone rooted in debogage mode activated Run adbd insecure on your phone and check the first Download and instal this link https://www.box.com/shared/1g1ouz0i904buoryr67w Execute and select "2" mount as card Then quit After that go back to Ricky tool and now enable mass storage And enable both sd card xolo It will say you run in deodex no matter it will copy files and reboot your phone and now after reboot go to parameters stockage you will see sd card for information my sd is 16g sdhc sandisk

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