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  1. Can anyone advise me what I'm doing wrong. I uploaded the ROM on the phone to 926 and I wanted to give CM10. After I recorded ROM926 I did ROOT, CWM. I uploaded via CWM CM10, bojužel when'll reboot system now and the handset will start again in CWM. What me your advice.
  2. the latest version of all functional to the mobile Internet.
  3. What's going to make it functional mobile internet?
  4. Thanks Dazzozo, you just crank up the kernel and it will go? going to make something for it to be functional camera
  5. my problem is that when I turn on wifi - phone slashes and restarts. Then will not boot and always restarts on logo CyanogenMod
  6. I have to commend this ROM, everything functional except ice notification and mobile internetu.co I do to make my mobile internet work? mam vodafone sim card.
  7. What is the latest version of the label? I have downloaded the B01, it offered me now B02. B02 is the latest? thank you
  8. Hi, Which version is the best and most stable? Where's the link to the download? Is there anything in this ROM does not work?
  9. Hey, what would you recommend me the best ICS ROM or JB? This is me looking for speed and stability. thank you
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