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  1. Yeah, but that didn't do anything with the gapps, only RIL. I also tried CWM 5. something
  2. I'm not getting the play store installed, the file downloaded fine and installed fine. Also tried other gapps packages, but still not getting anything.. Gen3, CWM from KonstaT. On 15/1 No other gapps installed either
  3. I flashed the Gen3 file and it worked perfectly now. Thanks!
  4. I will try the patch as soon as i can! Thank you!
  5. Can SIM's be locked to a rom? I used the Mr. Piggie or something app that differentiated gen1 from gen2, and that app stated it was gen2. Maybe gen3 wasn't included. I think the device was sold with gb, will using the gen3 patch make it compatible with other roms?
  6. I have successfully flashed the following ROM's: CM10 CM9 CM7 I tried my SIM card with all of them, none even recognized them. I wasn't asked to enter anything. When I go to settings and search for carriers I just get an error. I then restored to the original ROM and was asked for the SIM pin right away. For some reason the SIM won't work with other ROM's other than the stock. I'm sure it's not a hardware problem since it worked perfectly on the stock ROM right after I tried it on all the others, I tried rebooting many times. Any help?

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