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  1. Hello everyone, I would like my small site to be available in Mainland China regularly (no VPN), but hosted out of China. There are tools on net which "test" it's visibility, but ultimately they gave me one result and when I asked a guy in China, he gave me an another answer -- a different one. So, I am looking for someone based in Mainland China to try to open a list of URLs I would provide and tell me the result. Nothing more. If someone wants to help, it would be really appreciated! :) I am trying to find a western (US, EU...) hosting company that has WordPress and is accessible from China. Pretty hard task, but let's try to find one! Thank you. You can also contact me over PM.
  2. ^ Sure, iPad was manufactured in China, but I'd go for "real" Chinese tablet brands, like Pipo, new model M6. Anyone has a hint? :)
  3. owim

    Any idea on Pipo M6?

    I'm also looking for more info on Pipo M6! Looks very nice, and model M9 was/is popular, had great reviews. I didn't like the idea of removing HW volume buttons on M9. I'd like HD/retina screen, so I'd go for M6 but no reviews online, so I'm a bit scared! I just opened a new thread here to avoid cross-posting.
  4. I'll be shortly in China very soon and would like to grab a "deal-breaker" Chinese tablet. Please help me out, I have no clue which brand is popular enough to be supported at XDA and which model is expected to have less problems. I'm sure there are good ones, better build quality, that play nicely, don't crash, don't have HW/SW issues, etc. Some popular model! I'd like: - Quad-core A9 Rock 3188 or Exynos 4412 CPU, - 10,1" or 9,7" HD/retina resolution 1920x1200 or 2048x1536 - 2GB RAM - Bluetooth - HW volume buttons - sleek/thin design - better battery (>7,500 mAh) - smaller bezel if possible - black or silver if possible - USB charging as well, if possible - case with a BT (full-size) keyboard that fits Wishful thinking: - XDA support (like ROMs, problems solving, tweaks, maybe even running Ubuntu on it) - manufacturer's support in FW updates Both formats are ok: a ) iPad format (4:3), retina (2048x1536): e.g. Visture V79HD, Cube U9GT5/U9GTV, Yuandao Vido N90 FHD, Pipo M6, Hyundai Play X900 , Freelander PD800, Ainol Novo9, Aoson M33 b ) Nexus format (16:10), HD (1920x1200): e.g. Ramos W30HD (Samsung SoC), Cube U30GT2 (ugly), Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD (expensive) - What model of the above would you recommend? - Pipo M6 is a newcomer, just introduced! - I like Visture V79HD the most (with BT keyboard), but the are no reviews on the net, no XDA topics, empty forum on Visture website. Scroll down for lots of pics: http://www.aliexpres.../914676697.html - Popular Pipo M9 is nice, but low-res. Please be kind and suggest a model or two or three that fits! Thanks a lot!

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