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  1. Nothing has happened to it. It's an experimental ROM with nightly builds. Sometimes they won't work, depending on upstream changes or whatever Dazzazo is deciding to work on at the moment. You shouldn't expect it to work flawlessly every time, or even most of the time. Dazzazo isn't spending all his waking hours testing it, after all. If you want something more stable, use a ROM with a different release/development strategy where there are stable versions.
  2. Whenever Dazzozo decides he wants to make one or possibly never As he said earlier I don't really know why people insist on treating this ROM like I intend it to be a final and polished product. They're nightlies, no one said they were stable, the whole purpose of them is to shout at me when the build breaks so I can fix it. It often seems like having forum threads for them is beneficial to no one. It's a voluntary activity by Dazzazo. Please consider that when you ask for fixes, features, or stable versions.
  3. Don't use nightly builds? They're not going to be stable. Use a ROM that's on a slower release cycle.
  4. And yet it's stable enough for me to use a a daily ROM. I use the Synopsis kernel - before I installed that, I got lots of random reboots. Since then, none. Everything works (for me, your experience may be different, of course) - apart from some weird issues with battery life (I can have long periods of very good battery usage, heading for 3-0+ hours, then it will switch to extremely high battery life (losing 50% in an hour). Seems to be triggered (sometimes) by travelling away from the house (but not always, and it doesn't always stop when I stop travelllng either), so it's either a mobile-data issue or a location-tracking issue?
  5. Because it's fun trying? They're not getting paid to do this (except the beer-money donations that a few of us make). They can do what the heck they like, and it's more fun playing with the bleeding edge.
  6. I think it will. The installer can't easily tell that those system apps have been removed deliberately. Same for the kernel, it doesn't know you don't want that updated.
  7. Thanks. Took a quick look but either I'm missing something (quite probable) or there's no easily-interpretable list of the changes.
  8. Cool. Is there a changelog or other description of changes? The link in the first post describes the 17-06 release still.
  9. > Does anyone know something that don't work I get (got) pretty frequent reboots - seemingly every time I went for a ride with MapMyRide on, but also just when the device was sitting on the table idle at home. Iv'e just installed the Synopsis kernet based on a recommendation in this thread. So far, so good, 4 hours and no reboots. The next cycle ride will tell! Other than that, yes, everything I've tried has worked.
  10. The random reboots are getting to be a pain. They've interrupted all recent attempts to track my bike rides. Does anyone know of anything that will reduce or eliminate them?
  11. I found a less drastic solution - force-stop Download Manager and clear its data.
  12. I had a few problems downloading some nightlies OTA. So now for some reason the CMUpdater is constantly trying to download two files (and constantly failing to make any progress at all). I suspect this is hammering my battery life. This has continued through an install of a nightly etc. How do I stop it doing this? Somewhere it must have some data that tells it should be trying to do these downloads - does anyone know where this is and how I remove/reset it? I've looked in CMUpdater folders and there's nothing there...
  13. I've had two reboots since installing the 9th June nightly - one when setting up Dropbox, and one right after approving superuser for Rom Toolbox Lite. I couldn't install the10th June nightly - after flashing from TWRP, the Google Keyboard constantly closed so I couldn't complete set up.
  14. Thanks - I meant maybe I was missing out by not using the ROM's apps rather than installing the full Gapps being the wrong thing to do. Reflashing doesn't seem to have worked - I still have the Google Now Launcher, no sign of Trebuchet, Camera and Calendar are Google, as far as I can tell, Google keyboard still installed. So I'll need to do full wipes and re-install? Am I missing much? Which of the Cygenamod apps are preferable to the Google ones?
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