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  1. Has any one received the DMB2 update for N7100 ? If so, what is the difference noticed ?
  2. Can you post a picture of your battery usage with DMA6 ?
  3. Yes, I downloaded OTA this morning. Any one knows what new feature this firmware update has added or improved upon ?
  4. Doesn't DLL4 fix this Exynos sudden death problem ? I am still receiving some error like "updates happen as they are requested...Try later" ....something like this. But the software update widget is showing "N".
  5. What is the difference between DLL4 and DLL7 ? Anyone knows ?
  6. Same here. How to go successfuly back to JB 4.1.1 ? By the way mine is still DLL4 .
  7. lj5 ? Have you already got lj4 ?If so, what is new in lj4 ? I am still on lj3 !
  8. I ordered 32 GB class 10 Sandisk microsd card from Flipkart. I think this might be useful in future.But at the moment I dont know what to do with 32 GB.
  9. Hi All, Has anyone tried the following DUAL SIM adapters for N7100,International variant ? http://www.magic-sim.com/model.php?searchinputLookup=2453 http://www.simore.ch/en/mobile_phone_accessory/Samsung/GT-N7100-Galaxy-Note-2.html
  10. Hi, Thanks for informing about ishopinternational.com. Which item did you purchase from ishopinternational.com and how long did it take to reach you in India ? Is ishopinternational.com better than Global EasyBuy of Ebay ? How is there customer service and shipping compared to Global Easy Buy ? I am thinking of purchasing a DUAL SIM adapter for N7100 from ishopinternational.
  11. Mine too has now started showing the wishlist automatically.
  12. I would prefer this wallet type one when it is launched in India : http://dx-box.com/brand-kalaideng-pu-leather-wallet-case-cover-samsung-galaxy-note-2-note-ll-n7100.html

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