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  1. If you're going for Android 4.1 and up I would say that 4.3 is the smoothest. I don't really have much experience when it comes to 2.3 or 4.0 ROMs (I've been using Android since 2.1, not on this phone though) because I always want to be running the latest version of Android available for my device :D Also there is a KitKat (4.4) ROM available for this device but it's not exactly the smoothest or the most stable ROM out there (It's still usable daily, at least in my use). If you decide to try 4.3 (or the experimental version of KitKat) or any ROM with a 3.4 kernel make sure your device doesn't have Hynix memory because I've heard that if you install a ROM with the 3.4 kernel on to those devices it will brick them... e: Even though I don't mind, some people get mad when you post these kinds of threads in to the development area (I suppose they have every right to do so, as there are sections specifically made for these kinds of questions) ;)
  2. I flashed it on 4.3 and I guess it's working? Animations are disabled ATM which I don't like at all but I guess that's because I have 35% battery left. Audio quality seems to be amazing but I'm not sure if it's any better than before because I use my phone to listen to music etc. only rarely. It does seem a bit faster maybe, it could be a placebo or just the fact that there are no animations going on.
  3. Thank you Dazzozo for keeping this phone alive. This is by far the smoothest and the most responsive ROM that I've ever used in my life. Keep up the good work man. :)
  4. Nice. After the update I get 1-3 mbps down and 1-2 mbps up and ping dropped from like a billion to 90-78ms which is quite nice.
  5. It's not working for me. It won't boot after I flash the zip. Did you try to download the file with your phone? Try downloading it with a PC.
  6. Larger screen? The size of the display does not affect the performance at all. The screen is using the same 800x480 resolution as the G300. Also as far as I know the CPU is more powerful than the one in the G300. I don't know about the HDMI tho...
  7. If developer support is important then I would go with the G300 over the Blade 3 because Blade 3 seems to only have KonstaT which isn't really a problem because he's a great developer but G300 has so many more developers and ROMs like MIUI, FirefoxOS, CM9, CM10, CM10.1 and many others while Blade 3 only seems to have two CM9's and CM10. Also let's not forget that the G300 has a better display and a flash. If you ask me I would go for the G300.
  8. First time I tried updating through the OTA updater it failed because I didn't have enough space on my SD card and it also gave me a stuck notification. If anyone else gets this, go to Settings>Apps>All>Download manager and clear data. Other than that great update and thanks for the ROM.
  9. 31.2 FPS on Konstat's CM10.1 01/01 at 768mhz with ondemand governor.
  10. Great ROM. I've been using it since you released it and I haven't had any major issues with it. It also seems to have a bit smoother animations and smoother scrolling than cm10. Keep up the good work and ignore the trolls. :)
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