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  1. Thanks for your work, Paul! It would be possible in the future to get a root method without need to unlocking bootloader?
  2. after a day using it, this rom presents inestability signals. In class i advice that it doesnt enter in silence mode sometimes. I silence all kind of sound and notifications still sounding. I adviced too that sometimes the unlock/power button doesnt work, i have a mod with that i can wake up the phone with volume keys, and can power off with PIE, but sometimes the power button stop working There are too the bugs of reboot option in power off menu and the quick reboot option in settings.
  3. Nope, i have not reboot option too, have not ''quick reboot'' option in settings either.
  4. Ok, i had one reboot this evening but suposed that were exceptional, but tonight i've had two random reboots more with this v3. Please, check this. :) EDIT: i think the reboots are sometimes when i lock the screen, dont know why
  5. Yes, i've tried it all the day and works like a charm! Tomorrow i'll test the battery, but the rom is great
  6. Doesnt work, it stays at huawei logo and screen off, but with the unlock button i can illuminate the screen again with huawei logo, so it boots but doesnt show the rom. Edit: Finally booted, but SystemUI crashes. I installed another systemUI and crashes too.
  7. Great idea, would be great too add PIE, as it is in Lunatic Pandora 4, and Halo if its possible
  8. if you can port the cm10.1 trebuchet 1.0 to android 4.1 with it's settings and smoother than nova would be great!
  9. Works fine on g510 without any change. Testing.
  10. I will test it on g510. Any changes to do before flashing?
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