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  1. Now that I got my hopes up I got to have the update now ahahah xD EDIT: Just received the update notification! Downloading now !
  2. No it is totally stock. No mods, No root. Not even the bootloader. All stock. I dont get it I rebooted the phone and still no update.
  3. That is what I've tried and It says that my system is already up to date :|
  4. Mine says it is up to date :( Yes its Uk retail version!
  5. I think so yes. I can't see a problem with that
  6. You have to wait like the rest of us or just install the Tesco rom back
  7. Thank you. Even If I'm in Portugal (no sim lock) I'll have the update by then?
  8. So I read that the 4.4 updated has been realeased to UK phones. I've bought mine at Amazon.uk but when I check System Updates it says that my system is up to date. Any answers? Thank you.
  9. The only reason I see from the data you gave is that the current provided by your hands free kit is not enough to charge the Moto G. One example I can give you is this. If I connect my G300 to my laptop it charges fine while if I connect my Toshiba tablet it won't. It's a matter of the output current in the usb port of my laptop: its enough to charge the g300 but too low to charge the tablet.
  10. The baby photo seems to be that it was taken with flash on and the others have flash off. That is why, in my opinion, it appears sharper.
  11. I get boot lopp after that change ( In the editor I can't even save the changes since it gives an error (can't save)) Do you have CM11 givem by Dazz on this thread or another one? And what gapps?
  12. Yes I know that but still no transparent taskbar. The gapps I have are the ones on the second link from Dazz (the stripped version). If you have no launcher do the following: Install any other rom Boot it. Go to CWM again and install Kitkat (no wipes) Install the gapps. Done.
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