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  1. Signed up a couple of days ago (off the back off this article), but I'm still not see the "score" in the "My Contributions" panel of maps? Does it take a while to kick in? Or do I need to do something else? Thanks.
  2. The rage! Stayed up until 1am last night in case they came online, no luck. Checked when I got up, still nothing. Seemed to all kick off about 8am (suppose that makes sense, midnight Pacific Time). Had the same server errors and cart emptying as Paul. Was going for a N4 16GB and N10 32GB, but after the shambles tried the N4 alone, after a lot of reloading finally got the Google Wallet popup. Clicked accept and it showed a spinner, then that disappeared and I was looking at the Google Wallet popup again. Looking at my account i could see the money had been authorised (the available/actual balance difference) but no confirmation page or anything in Google Wallet. So called support for a shout, answered straight away, and first guy said a lot of people were having issues. No s***! He put me through to the Wallet team but they had a massive queue. While on hold the transaction finally appeared in Wallet as "pending". And I've just this second got a confirmation/receipt email for the N4 16GB. Estimated shipping 15th November. £9.99 for "2 day" shipping too. Grr. All a bit of a mess really, put me off getting the N10 32GB (which is now showing coming soon too)
  3. The Image on the CPW page show Android with a centred time in the status bar, another iPhone-esque change :\
  4. I hope so. But it's looking like another messy Nexus launch. Getting my SIM free Galaxy Nexus last year was an ordeal with Phones4U. They wouldn't sell it to me without a 30 day Vodafone contract, which I immediately phoned and cancelled under the cooling off period. Such an unnecessary rigmarole. Would be nice to just buy it from Google (e.g. Play Store) like I did with my Nexus One.
  5. I'm guessing the invite might be implying some Google Now updates. Would also like a little UK love, but probably unlikely (Music, Wallet, Magazines, TV Shows). Can't imagine any Key Lime Pie news, Jelly Bean is only 4 months old.
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