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  1. +1 ... despite a steady stream of RC's and nightlies, 10.1.0 is certainly a milestone one could hang their hat on.
  2. No problems here dirty flashing from r9 --> r11. Mine is a pretty stripped down bake tho....not much help.
  3. I would try fixing permissions in recovery. If you have CWM, it is under advanced, and then reboot. If that does not work, you could try clearing the dalvic cache. If it is still acting up, just restore back to your last nandroid and re-apply r11.
  4. Has anyone had problems with Chrome not loading pages? Dolphin and Browser work fine. Chrome will not load the same pages I can open with the other two. Is this possibly a CM 10.1 issue? I have two N4's both running different bakes of r8 and both exhibit the same issue. Have uninstalled and re-installed Chrome from the market. Version 25.0.1364.169. Other than this, I am hard pressed to find any other issues with the ROM.
  5. Yes, thanks Sean. I downloaded r366 and flashed from CWM recovery. Phone will not boot past Google screen, so I'm back on the stock kernel.. Same on both GNex's. Thank God for good nandroids. I'll keep working at it. EDIT: NVM- got it. I had mis-labeled a nandroid so was trying to apply r366 to Jr13. Once I realized my mistake, I've been able to update both GNex phones. Thanks guys!
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I will get over to XDA again, but I got the img file here, and the latest available (here) is r364? http://minooch.com/franciscofranco/Galaxy%20Nexus/JB/JB-4.2/
  7. Today I updated both my GNex phones from JR13 to JR15. Both were also running the latest version of Franco's kernel. Updates to JR15 went smoothly, but the first phone would not boot after installing Franco build r364. I baked a second JR15 without the new baseband, and excluded the exchange mail server. Same results. I've now installed two versions of JR15 on two phones and neither will run the Franco r364 kernel. The phone freezes at the Google screen with the unlocked padlock. I've already invested quite a bit of time in trying to solve the problem which is also present after doing a factory reset/wipe from within CWM. I'm stuck on the stock kernel for now. I know Franco's kernel is supported, to the extent of Paul including the free version in the ROM. Anyone running JR15 with r364? Running JR15 an older Franco build perhaps? EDIT: Tried flashing r364 from CWM instead of auto flash from the kernel app. No joy.
  8. N4 running Jr6 and jumped on the Chronus (er.. cLock) widget for my lock screen. Problem is the weather will not show unless the widget is resized (pulled down). I cannot get the widget to start full sized. Even using Nova Launcher Prime's resize widget and allow widget overlap options will not work. Love cLock and the extra information it provides, but having to pull it down every time is annoying. I think it is related to the size of the lock screen "lock" widget? I read the following in another thread: CM10.1 just came up with the commit to see lock screen widgets always in maximized state. Only tablets will see it regularly maximized or ROMs like AOSPA where you can reduce the DPI of the lock screen. Does this problem exist in r5 ? I may just do a quick backup and load r5 to see... don't recall having this issue running CM10. EDIT: Bummer... r5 is the same. The cLock widget will not show weather unless pulled down. EDIT2: Cool, under Settings>>Lock Screen there is an option to maximize widgets. Success.
  9. I've been testing WLAN and the 5GHz band is working on my setup with no issues. I did have to toggle wi-fi off and on after setting to 5GHz though... The "Fixed Clock" widget was not working on the lock screen at all for me, but this morning the author put out a new rev. which seems to have fixed the issue. It was working on JR8 for me earlier, stopped working, and now has started working again. I think lock screen widgets and modding will take a while to get straightened out. I'll test BT car connection a little later today.
  10. I migrated last weekend on one of my two GNex's. I'm new to CM10 so I'm enjoying all the customization and figuring out where everything is. If you have paid TiBu you can be back up and running with all your apps in CM10 in about 20 minutes or less. I've got solid JR6 and JR7 nandroids backed up on my PC. I've also made a CM10 nandroid so I can begin installing nightlies (once a week). My thought was that Paul was not (could not) put anymore effort into JR7 and was going to wait until 4.2 (JR8?) .... just don't understand why he hasn't posted a pre-bake for JR7 to bring the others along. He does have quite a following on this board... he may very well be overwhelmed just now.
  11. I'm running JR7 but noticed the number of baked roms in the kitchen is now a much smaller number than when I made mine. I see a generic changelog, but it looks like there are sub-versions with slightly different configurations or fixes (ie. fixing the kitchen) I'm not having any issues atm but am interested in what is going on under the hood. Does Paul keep a detailed changelog somewhere, or note when a new subversion is posted? Thanks.
  12. I always make it a point to remove TBA, as it has never worked properly (fully) for me, ever. Both of my units are running JR7 / Franco with no problems.
  13. For those having problems, have you tried installing from a "restore factory defaults", and wiping all partitions within recovery? Some are dirty flashing, some are installing over a stock 4.12, but since you are not able to get up and running on top of an earlier build, why not just wipe the slate clean and try installing JR7 from there. May also want to take a closer look at what is in your bake and create a "minimalist" ROM. Both my GNex units upgraded from JR6 to JR7 with no issues. I just wiped cache and dalvic cache beforehand as a precaution (running Franco's kernel).
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