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  1. To fix exif data I use Acer exif fixup from play. Seems to be a problem with other devices too. My battery lasts just few hours with very little use. I thought I had a bad battery but another friend has the same behavour with his acqua.
  2. Logcat from my Acqua regarding a wifi issue. From time to time the wifi is stuck showing old access points. Like is loading a snapshot from the past. Obviously is not connecting to any network even if this exists in this old scan. Often turning off and on wifi will restore normal operation but usually a reboot is needed. The log is from such situation. After the log is taken I've rebooted the phone to get wifi back. Acqua patch is applied. 2014-06-23-19-03-10.rar
  3. I'm pretty sure front camera was working fine. I have plenty of my kids selfies that prove this. I remeber some modification sometime ago but last couple of versions I did not use front camera. So I don't know when this broke. Since day one the main camera is odd, it shows pictures correct but saves them upside down in most camera apps. But I rarely take pictures so this is not a big deal for me. As for my BT short range problem, I will try to get a log but I'm not getting any errors. When I'm under 50 cm or so it works great. Above that is not connecting or has brakes in sound if it manages to connect.
  4. Where do I look for the way to fix the front facing camera that sideways is upside down?
  5. I'm facing some issues on my Acqua. On the last versions (20.3 and after) from time to time my wifi gets stuck. It reports that is connected and the wifi settings page shows a snapshot of networks that the phone has seen sometime in the recent past. All with signal levels and encryption details. Most of the time switching off and on wifi will resume normal operation but occasionally the phone needs a restart. I have installed the relevant acqua patch - otherwise wifi does not work at all. I've learned to live with this, is not a big deal and got used to it. When I don't have incoming data I check the wifi page and if I see the ghost then I switch off and on. In last version 7.6 I see also a bluetooth range problem. For some reason the BT range has been reduced considerably in this version. I'm sure you will say you did not touch this part of code, but I can see the difference just by loading back 21.5. !!! With 21.5 I have my phone of the back seat of my car and it works. With 7.6 at the exact same position I have brake ups in sound and sometimes is not even connecting. Both versions I did a wipe before installation and I re-paired the devices. Odd or what?
  6. I'm seeing an odd behavior and don't know what to blame. With this version (14.1) whenever I complete a call (incoming or outgoing) the dialer closes but not on launcher home screen but on the last application I was running even if that was closed before. For example I'm on play store or some game or any other application (camera etc). I exit the application (using exit if exist or home button). Now I see my launcher home screen. I press the dialer button, place the call and hung up. Instead of launcher the previous application comes up. It actually executes the app if that was closed. I did not had this in 18.12 I'm using nova launcher and dialer one. With the stock dialer this does not happen because the stock dialer does not offer the option to exit when the call is completed.
  7. I've done that but didn't work either. I figure out that I must have "widget pager" enabled to show, something I do not desire, but anyway its a minor thing. One the other hand, I notice that my Acqua very often refuses to connect to wifi. Looking at logcat during that time I see a list full of: wpa_supplicant wlan0: Failed to initiate AP scan Most of the time a simple turn off / on of the wifi will solve this but occasionally a reboot is needed. I have installed the relevant patch. While on logcat, what is a memtrack module that I see complains that is missing?
  8. If you go to settings, "lock screen", "clock widget", "weather" and you select to show the weather, does it show on your lock screen? Same for "calendar" it doesn't show.
  9. Is weather / calendar working on the lock screen? I can't get them to show.
  10. Is it me or adb shell echoes back the commands? When I type a command and press enter, then I get back a line with the command I just typed and then the result of the command.
  11. Will this work on aqua? Does it need a patch?
  12. Just noticed this. In Acqua the front camera rotates upside down. In portrait mode picture was fixed in the last version + patch. But rotating the phone sideways will give an upside picture.
  13. No problem from Germany. Already downloaded the first 4. A friend from Greece gets 404. Edit: I got the first 6. The others give 404.
  14. Maybe a stupid question. How do I disable volume buttons when phone is locked?

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