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    Problem reading notes

    Hi I can sync my HTC Diamond no problems, but when the notes transfer over to my outlook I cant read then within the preview pane. I have to double click each note to view, if I create a note within outlook i can view these notes within the viewpane no problem. Ive tried all the settings on the HTC just frustrating to have to keep double clicking each note to view, can anyone help davey
  2. can anyhelp please, tried twice to install this manila 2d but failed due to run out of memory, why is the phone out of memory i followed page 1 instructions of this thread and got to no 13 where it falls, any help appreciated davey
  3. daveydm196324

    help for a novice

    anyone ?
  4. I would like to update my Omnia to use Skins (I think thata what its called) like the touch HD, I just cant seem to navigate the Omnia using the standard widgets or what ever there called. Using the Touch HD skins is so much easier. Can anyone point in the right direction, also will i need to software unlock the omnia. its a SGH-I900 on Orange, any help appreciated davey
  5. daveydm196324

    help for a novice

  6. daveydm196324

    help for a novice

    many thanks for the replys, tried the easy one didnt want to try the rom, i got to the last point in the instructions but it fell down saying no memory left in phone. I used the main memory as instructions state and it was fine until point 13. On re checking everything I noticed i hadne compressed the files when i downloaded from the link, so down loaded again and compressed, what i cant understand is i can drag and drop the files onto the phone memory if i havent compressed the files, but when i compress the files they just wont drag and drop. Tried copy and paste all the usual stuff, what am i doing wrong davey
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  8. daveydm196324


    Need a bit of help is poss, i have done the tweak on my touch HD to get BBC iplayer, but when trying to start a tv station / player i get the following; enable javascript. I have checked the settings in the browser and it says java is enabled, I have tried it in the normal internet browser and also in the opera browser, but just cant get it to work, can anyone help me out davey
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  10. daveydm196324

    C600 help please adding A2DP

    HELP Please I will be receiveing my application unlock zip file shortly from Orange, can someone confirm what i need to do to enable A2DP for my bluetooth stereo to work, is below correct 1) Install application unlock 2) Install Tornado_A2DP file or is there anything else ? davey
  11. I am not to good with smartphones and would like to add the A2DP to my C600 is there any simple ways for a idiot to add it. I have found a link on Orange site that talks about push e mail and a rom upgrade http://www.business.orange.co.uk/servlet/S...d=1142943309687 would this add the A2DP, my phone has not been de cert which i think may have to be done. Any help would be appreciated davey
  12. Is it possible to add gps to either c600 or m3100, i was thinking possibly a rom flash from another phone. I find it a pain to keep charging my bluetooth receiver thanks
  13. daveydm196324

    gps on either a m3100 or c600

    ok thanks for that, does the new m700 have gps ?
  14. I need a IDIOTS guide to help me get this A2DP on my C600, I have contacted orange developers who have sent me a zip file as per the instructions listed below from another post. I have carried out tis procedure below, but cannot get my i tech stereo headphones working, they work fine on my new m3100. As far as i can tell this zip file has application unlocked my phone as i have disabled within the accessories folder on the phone, exactly as the copy post below, can anyone explain what i need to do next as im a dummie on these things thanks Unlock your C600...Sure! Just by sending one email. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quote: Originally Posted by jlmu777 i know there must be someone smart enough to find how to unlock the c600 with aku2update! I was desperately looking for a way to app unlock my C600 with the AKU2 update, until I sent a mail to [email protected] It has been posted on this forum before but I'll quote it anyway: Quote: Subject: SPV C600 Application Unlock Dear Sir/Madam, The unlocking site for Disabling the security (Application Unlock) for my SPV C600 does not work with my handset/iMEI (imei number is not in database) Also the installation of the file ActionRegister.ARM.cab is not working because its either not trusted or no longer working Could you send me a compiled unlock program for my device Phone Model: SPV_C600 IMEI Number: Full Name: Mobile Number: Daytime Contact Number: Daytime email address: Thank you in advance, Just send your request and relax. They respond very fast to your request with a clear description on how to install the application and how to configure it accordingly. Within a day I received their personalized unlock tool and was able to fully application unlock my SPV C600 with AKU2 update. Their program actually makes your phone ready to be unlocked. To really unlock your phone, read the HTC Application Unlock Guide. Please note! By fully unlocking our phone, you must also accept the risks that come with it. Some applications will install nicely but seriously mess up your phone. If you use your Smartphone as an actual phone, you might want to be careful and have a backup at hand. If you really get stuck you can always reinstall the AKU2 update and do it all over again. PS. There is a free program called Smartione with which you can easily edit your phone's registry. Registry editing is set to Read-Only by default. Also, by default, it keeps saying it's expired and that you have to get the latest version. After applying the latest update you just ignore it and use the program with no trouble at all. You might also want to try WMStorage to see if you succesfully unlocked the phone to install any application that you wish. Quite handy if you move around a lot of nonsense, like I do Good luck and enjoy your Smartphone!
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    yes only the files ive downloaded only have 1 cab file not
  16. daveydm196324


    ok almost there, currently downloading the orange rom update, then will re install the unlocking software ok up to this point. I cant find the two cab file from the xda site could i trouble you for a link thanks dave
  17. daveydm196324


    Does the e mail i received include the AKU2 rom update copy in my first post for reference, if it dosent can you give me a link to it thanks
  18. daveydm196324


    ill have a bash at what youve posted many thanks, does the phone have to have the flash rom changed ? also whats the diff between unlocking and de cert sorry for all questions. the headphones are A2DP compatible i can use them on my m3100 and they work a treat listening to my music davey
  19. daveydm196324

    UBiQUiO 401 Smartphone

    ive been looking at this phone could anyone give me any info as to if its any good, i like the spec and the idea it functions as a normal phone. Any help would be appreciated. dave
  20. daveydm196324

    c600 A2DP

    hi Is it possible to get A2DP on my c600 as i want to listen in stereo to my mp3 could anyone post a link or instructions if its possible thanks dave
  21. daveydm196324

    c600 A2DP

    could you give me a link having trouble trying to find the topic. thanks
  22. daveydm196324

    tomtom & Orange M3100

    many thanks installed and working a treat thanks.
  23. daveydm196324

    tomtom & Orange M3100

    Just got my M3100, and having trouble installing tomtom mobile 5, does this device use tomtom5 or should i be installing the tomtom for pda software.
  24. daveydm196324

    tomtom mobile 5

    just took delivery of my M5000, does anyone know if tomtom mobile 5 will work in it i used it a lot in my c500 and would like to install in m5000 regards daveymoll

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