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  1. Thanks alot, it really helped me alot! When I installed it I was able to assign music normally from "Settings - Sound - Phone ringtone - Local music", before installation when I choose "Local music" it just closes. Thanks guys, I was such noob, always trying to play song and then search options to put it as ringtone :)))
  2. I installed rocket player and managed to assign song to be a ringtone. Problem solved :) Thanks
  3. There is no option in walkman to assign music as ringtone, or I am unable to find it? :(
  4. I tryed that after GoBackup but problem with contacts remained. Anyone have problem putting mp3 song as a ringtone? Also, I had problem with SD card as default storage but fixed with link Tillaz posted earlier. And I did not experience any CallerID lag so far :)
  5. I had problem moving from B03 to B05 with contacts, favorites was not working and when I go to dialer and choose frequently called I get that contact can not be found even it's there, I already wrote about that. And sometimes dialer stop responding so need to be closed and reopened again. I flashed few times B05 but every time when I use GoBackup same problem emerges. And ofcourse I did every time wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition, format system and even Dalvik cache. So I decided to flash B06 not using GoBackup, I deleted all contacts and then retyped them all (86, pain in the a**) and now favorites work ok and didn't get dialer to freeze so far. But I have another problem, I have music on my SD card and I can play it via walkman but I can't put it to be ringtone, that worked fine on B05. When I go to "settings-sound-phone ringtone" and pick "local music" nothing happen, it just close that last window like i pressed "back". Anyone have that problem?
  6. Guys am I the only one that have problem with contacts? Favorites does not work and when I go to dialer and from that pick "frequently called", whatever contact i choose from it says "The contact doesn't exist." Anyone ????
  7. Favorite contacts not working, when you go to contacts, pick one and enable that little star on top right corner, then reenter contact - star is disabled. Ment to be that way or just a bug?
  8. Great work Tillaz, on B5 no lag and caller ID working perfectly. Had problem with default storage and after applying fix it's all good now. I want to ask if there is "favorites" in contacts and how to display them? In contacts I have "groups", "contacts" and "frequently contacted". And how do I get back standard lockscreen, I installed 1, deleted and now I can not go back to standard one . . .
  9. Downloading B05 right now, will try it tomorrow after work. :D Can anyone explain to me what exact options do I need to turn on or off to be able to use internet only if wifi is available and not from my mobile operator? I do not have free internet included in my subscription and when I moved to B04 few days ago there was some traffic via 3G (I removed sim card when installing B04 so it's not from that).
  10. @00Mark: You probably need to download it again, file is corrupt
  11. I just wan to thank Tillaz for his great work on this. I am using atm B04 and I know it have some bugs but will wait for B05 instead going back to B03. Keep up the good work :)

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