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  1. Mate I give you 10 star service for speed [3 hours on Saturday ] that is unbelievable considering that I've been waiting 7 days from some dude on ebay and other one 2 weeks this is absolutely 10 star service . I only wish I used you in first place . Highly recommend to everybody out there . :D To others trying to get codes from ebay be aware there's a lot scam happening and waiting is just awful really . :angry:
  2. Hello mates how's it going Anyone who's using Modaco App experiencing problems lately such as forum is not available on this app ? App is unusable really now...see pic
  3. Hey mate I might be able to help you since I had same problem with 3G dropouts to emergency only ( although this was only with CM's roms ) . At the moment Ascend G300 using Slim Rom v13 which is best for me . Read this tread http://www.modaco.com/topic/362434-recovering-3g-in-the-g300-of-latin-america-and-other-850-mhz-regions/ and give it a go . It helped me . Of course everything is on your own risk so no blame :blush: .
  4. Well I found folder btw it's in System or Local not SD Card just if someone's wondering but I'm not able to replace any of it or either to delete . Maybe because this is CM rom or not really sure . I'm going to flash original ICS rom to see if there's any difference in sound . i'm thinking that my issue is with rom itself rather than anything else .
  5. Hey mate question Is this only for 4.0.3 ICS ? Reason for asking is my ascend p1 suddenly lost that clear sound in speaker when talking with somebody it's like speaker 's losing connection or something..I'm on Jellybear 4.2.2 and everything was working fine until a few days ago...It"s really bad now that I'm struggling to understand when someone talking to me over phone ..
  6. One more happy user of Jelly Beer ROM . Fantastic rom no probs at all. Everything working as it should be .
  7. I hope you didn't pay too much for the phone since camera issue it's big deal mate . I'm new to P1 and to not have a camera working on this device is a shame mate .
  8. Well I still need back up phone in case P1 gets bricked or so...plus G300 that I have is Samsung chip not the other one...
  9. Just got one for $199 in ozzy which is around 124 pounds . Impressive phone love it . Only thing that pisses me off a bit is micro sd card opening thing jezz that's could have been done better i reckon . Apart from that really good phone for this price .
  10. Hi guys , Just to confirm been doing a lot of research about rooting P1 and figure there's a lots of different build versions out there like mine is b102 . Mine question is would this work on my version or I need to do something else in order to have a root . Don't really want screw up a brand new phone yet :) . Tried Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v18 and phone got stuck on logo menage to odo factory reset and bring it back to life . I have a decent knowledge about rooting and flashing roms since my last phone was Ascend G300 . Just want to make sure before doing anything . Thank for help .
  11. Well after long time of use I decided to upgrade and put mine Ascend in box to rest a bit . If anyone wonders about upgrade it's big brother Ascend P1 . Now just to root and start flashing this beast . I will be still be around to help if someone needs any help . Thanks to everyone who made this phone G300 so good . Till next time :)
  12. Ok flashed all tweaks few weeks ago and honestly in my view no improvement or any change whatsoever . Then again maybe it is there but I'm just expecting way too much out of this phone to actually realize small improvements . :wacko:
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