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  1. ALL kitkat sources are ported by Dazzozzo! chil360 and the other kitkat rom devs are using Daz's github as base for their roms
  2. @Taiji2078 you tried http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2762989 yet?
  3. does anyone know which apps are safe to delete?
  4. I know it's irrelevant but I really dislike when there's written G510 in settings of my Y300. could you please upload the files to make my phone a y300 again?
  5. Untot

    [ROM] Firefox OS

    didn't tryt he rom yet but afaik it is possible to install and run android apks
  6. very nice rom! but the turn all black button in settings didn't work in MMS/SMS and dialer. is that intended?
  7. I've got random reboots since 3.4 update. will try to log them later.

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