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  1. kaiyoti

    Jiayu G2 OneClickRoot Guide

    The downside to this method is that no custom Recovery Image is available. I've ported TWRP Recovery over to the G2 PLUS and it's looking like everything is in order, still trying to figure out if I have the partitions setup correctly for TWRP though. But Backup/Restore seemed to work. I've gotten no love with CWM porting as it may require more modding.
  2. kaiyoti

    Jiayu G2 Review

    According to the Chinese forums... 1010 (Oct 10) releases of this phone comes with Gorilla Glass.
  3. kaiyoti

    Jiayu G2 OneClickRoot Guide

    I recently got my JiaYu G2 and the firmware was 20120910-132127, I read a bit of chinese and after a quick look at the forums, this looked like the latest kernel? not sure if it's kernel or just rom. Anyway, I followed aaroNiGHTS's guide and failed. http://www.modaco.co...-g2-root-guide/ The message I got back stated something about having to flash all files, it seemed like I couldn't just flash the recovery file most likely it didn't match the phone's current rom? Someone correct me here if I'm wrong. Anyway, I dug around and found an easier rooting guide that seemed a bit more recent It's in Chinese so I'll try to translate it here: http://bbs.ejiayu.co...read&tid=279736 (for references, I believe the guide was meant for G3 but the author discovered it works for G2 as well) If you don't have the correct drivers, download pdaNet, and follow the instructions to install the driver. It should be Android ADB Device after installation. The original guide mentioned the use of a chinese app called 360 Assistant. I use pdaNet cuz I'm better off with English apps. The purpose is to install the correct driver. Download the package as stated on the chinese forum: http://pan.baidu.com...41&uk=537002687, extract it somewhere Ensure you enabled USB Debugging (Settings -> Developer Options) as well as Installation of Unknown Sources (Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources is checked) Connect your device (turned on) to the computer. Run the RunMe.bat, follow the instructions, I picked "Normal" (1) in the first step. It'll now show a message informing that if it's working it'll tell you, if it's not, it'll run forever, at this point look at the phone. It should be at a "Restore My Data" screen. According to the chinese site, DON'T SET ANY PASSWORD. Just press "restory my data". Your phone will reboot after this. Once rebooted. You have root. Hopefully this helps some other folks. Here is a list of stuff you can debloat after root: http://bbs.ejiayu.co...271808-1-1.html I will translate the last in a bit. Kaiyoti
  4. kaiyoti

    Jiayu G2 Review

    I just got this phone and I'm having trouble trying to connect it to ANY network. Did you have any issues with getting it to find any network? I'm not even looking to get 3g working. I'm in Canada, Bell network: UMTS/HSPA 850MHz and/or 1900MHz. I'm putting my SIM card into the top slot correct?

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