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  1. Finally my turn to be moving on! Things have slowed down round here to the point where I've just been looking in occasionally, instead of compulsively checking all day, but it's been a great community that's worth saying goodbye to. Thanks for the roms, help, laughs and inane bickering :)
  2. Xposed installer and quite a few modules are available for gingerbread now actually.
  3. Yep restoring those two files from the original rom would work fine. Depending how you do it you might need to check the permissions are right.
  4. (Mod) Swipe to remove notifications. I really can't live without this feature, so I found a great tutorial on xda and implemented it for GBXtreme. I've just thrown the flashable zip together right now and haven't tested it, so I hope it works but if it doesn't, just grab the .apk and .jar from inside and install however you like. The mod has been working fine on my phone all evening, but I can't say it's thoroughly tested. MAKE A NANDROID BACKUP before you do anything, obviously. Credit to the user who posted the tutorial and those whose work he built on, I just followed the instructions. http://www.solidfiles.com/d/c6e6c34b2f/gbxtreme_swipe_notifications.zip (I wouldn't recommend using this mod on anything but GBXtreme B2)
  5. Got a small present for you guys, will upload soon, mate's turning up in a minute tho...
  6. Trying this rom out as I got tired of lags, its working great so far, thanks! Let's see if I can stick it out with gingerbread this time... I'm happy to see that more xposed modules have been backported. There's just a few things I always really miss, like gmail subject lines in the notifications.
  7. I had problems with a 32gb SanDisk class 10 in my g300, it would regularly dismount. Swapped it for a same spec Samsung and had no more problems. Several other people have reported problems with SanDisk cards, there's an old thread somewhere.
  8. Any luck with the alternate method to retain the recovery?
  9. Would it be feasible to have a script or something that would (re)load it into memory when the memory is available?
  10. Interesting, thanks for sharing! Looking forward to seeing the script boot method.
  11. Brilliant thanks for the info, I haven't updated since Christmas because I'm lazy but will definitely make the effort to fix the caller id lag.
  12. Is this official then? If so we've definitely had a good run, thanks again to you all who've kept my phone chugging along nicely :)
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