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  1. happens the same to me some weeks ago. it's a dead motherboard :( i sended my phone to the warranty and came with a brand new board. they will not notice if you have an unlocked bootloader or root access since the motherboard is dead The symptoms are: -phone don´t turn on and don't give any signal of life -when you connect it on a computer, windows detect an unknown device
  2. wow! Nice to see slim rom on g300. i will give this a try. Thanks
  3. I had never noticed that setting. i will check this and feedback if it helps
  4. I notice problems with dual mic disabled. i work on a factory and dual mic help to reduce noise when i'm making a call. there's some way to enable it back?
  5. thanks daz. installed right now. i will test it tomorrow facebook not crashing :D yeihhhh more testes tomorrow
  6. i think the problem is caused because of Overclock. i notice that i cant do overclock on CM10, i dont now why, but a simple 100mhz OC will cause reboot after some minutes/hours. i have mobile data always on and not a single reboot if processor is on standard values. edit: i missed the part that you have not reboots lool.
  7. here: download standard or hybrid zip file (read topic description for more info). put the file on your sdcard and install via "install zip from sd card" on CWM.
  8. yeah. it seems like a Portuguese only problem. i have this issue too... its not adapted to our language.
  9. vice17


    google chrome gave me the same warning since today
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