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  1. Okay, I just got a call and I couldn't answer it. The phone didn't react at all to my swiping. Sorry, I'm going back to Stock+... (baseband 2030)
  2. Any chance for LagFix support? (ideally in CM9.1 but I guess I've got better chances here) My /data/ write speeds clearly indicate that the G300's internal memory has the same issue as some Nexus devices etc. (lack of TRIM or garbage collection -> NAND flash gets cluttered up with old data -> write speeds are absolutely diminished)
  3. I originally used CM 10.0, then 10.1, then I wanted a more 'solid'/stable ROM and went to CM9... but I'm still not quite happy with it. Whenever I unlock my G300 after some idle period it's just so horribly slow... and yes, this does go away after a while (20 seconds... ish), but it often makes any snappy use of my smartphone impossible. (Like "Let me just quickly look that up... oh wait... not so quickly") Maybe I'm just asking too much from a phone running ICS with 512 MB of RAM, but maybe you can fix it, and in that case, please do fix it... thanks!
  4. Hey, quick question: Does it really matter what CWM version I use to flash this ROM? Can I just use or should I use a newer version like 5 or 6?
  5. This is concerning R1 so I don't know how relevant it still is, but maybe it's still helpful: - I've been getting the "slow on wakeup" bug not only rarely but actually pretty frequently. BUT: only when I was on the move. When my G300 was stationary I never had any slowness after unlocking, but when my position had changed since the last time using the phone, it was terrible basically every time. And sometimes even killing all recent apps didn't help, so I had to reboot the device. - When the "WiFi optimization" - "minimize battery usage" option is enabled, it causes my wifi to not work after waking up the device after some period of sleep. The wifi icon still shows in the status bar, but it's grey instead of blue, and the internet doesn't work at all. I then have to turn wifi off and on again for it to work again. Despite wifi being set to be always on during standby. I would like to test these things in R2 but I really need a stable device right now, so I prefer going back to CM9 for the moment...
  6. Okay... I guess then I'll go back to installing. Thanks for all your work, by the way! I think I haven't said that yet :)
  7. It's not exactly the same hardware. Cortex-A5 != Snapdragon. A5 performance is slightly below A8, Snapdragon is slightly above. Really? Hmm, I think I'll wait a bit until tillaz confirms ;) I've been spending too much time flashing and re-configuring my phone lately.
  8. Hi, I haven't been checking this topic lately, would be nice if someone could brief me... So currently I'm on B03 (went back from B04 because I had lag issues), tillaz said after B05 he would release patches to try and fix this issue so it could be implemented in a later release. Now... how far have we come?
  9. Thanks very much to both of you! I did have the idea to take the files from a stock ROM but those ROMs always come in the form of an 'update.app' file and I have no clue how to open/extract that.
  10. Hey everyone, could someone with stock Huawei ROM please upload the original alarm sounds for me? Or at least the one called 'Pmukkale' or something? That'd be great. I'm on B944 Infusion and I kinda miss that tune ;) Cheers
  11. Are you still on B02? Because I had the same issue on B02 (with PEAP/TTLS authentication). Then I updated to B03 - and it worked.
  12. I've noticed the following bug in B02: Sometimes my (3G/HSPA) mobile data connection was randomly interrupted and I couldn't get back online until I rebooted the phone. Even when I'd disable/enable mobile internet several times, nothing would happen. Maybe this has already reported or maybe it's because of the B944 ROM itself or whatever... Can someone confirm?
  13. Thanks for the fast reply. So - I can just skip everything in between and go directly to B944? And that will also get me to baseband 2030 when I don't have it yet? That would obviously make things a lot easier... By the way, if I skip "dload2" that means I won't have the notification bar toggles (for wifi, GPS etc.), right? But then again, if I go to Infusion right afterwards it won't matter... right?
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