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  1. Had the same issue and tried everything to no avail. Found this on xda which worked a treat http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=41779195. Must have been a software issue somewhere.
  2. Still cant get this going. Can anyone post the zip and ill if i can force it via usb?
  3. Yeah - got a feeling it might be a partial unroot thats to blame.
  4. My update seems to fail - any ideas why??
  5. I've switched to a piece of plastic. Perfect!
  6. Ah i had misread. I have managed a 7mb download on speedtest.
  7. I used a screw driver to push the card into position. Works a treat
  8. Ill try to take one later but really want to disturb it! Literally put your thumb nail down the casing behind the power button and lightly lift it up. Give the button a press and youll see where the piece needs to go
  9. Me. I had this issue. Opted for the manual piece of cardboard under the button by removing the back which is a perfect fix (if the crappy power button losing its click was your original problem)
  10. So no speed boost if I switched to 4g on orange San Diego
  11. This is strange as I can't see it using battery, but it certainly feels like the battery is being used a lot quicker since I switched to go launcher too
  12. I started off using a little piece of plastic but that seem to ping out when i pressed the button. I do think a piece of card from any cardoard box or shoebox is best as it has a bit of 'give'
  13. Exactly what I did. Took a couple of goes myself to get the snuggest fit, but persevere and it'll work. Was worried the back wasnt going to fit at first though.
  14. Had a go at this method myself! Buttons not quite as 'clicky' as it originally was but it works again.
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