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  1. hoeferh

    Why are Nexus accessories so expensive and so late?

    ...and even if I was a die-hard Nexus fan and hell-bent to buy overpriced accessories, so many of them are not available (here in Germany) anyway: Charging Orb for the Nexus 4: Not available (not even listed) Nexus 4 Bumper: Not available Nexus 7 Dock: Not available
  2. I'd certainly not want a phone that looks like it's made by Fisher-Price. The best looking Android phone I had so far was probably the Nexus S with its clean and curved front. But I have to agree: There probably hasn't been a truly beautiful Android phone so far :-(
  3. hoeferh

    Windows Phone Dev Center Account only $8

    Notice that it's still a subscription -- so next year they'll automatically charge you the full 99$.
  4. hoeferh

    iPad mini: the morning after the night before

    You keep mentioning that the iPad Mini is almost an 8"-Tablet, but a difference in display area of 49% certainly doesn't come only from a 12% larger display diagonal. You adressed the softkeys on the Nexus 7, but the bigger issue is the display aspect ratio. That's the (only) point where Apple is spot on: People use tablets mostly for browsing the web. Android tablets almost universally have 15:9 or 16:10 displays. That might be perfect for movies and games, but it's not optimal for browsing or editing documents.
  5. I put the Bier in Buchstabierwettbewerb.


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