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  1. Thank you very much :)
  2. Can someone reupload this ROM?? I'd like to have a try but none of the mirrors are available. Thanks :)
  3. I'm sorry but it's not that easy
  4. I made a mistake sorry... in that page you can download the roms in .zip and when you extract that .zip you get some files where there is an executable. If you run that executable with the phone connected to the computer you can flash the rom with that executable instead of using acer download tools. To get the .bin for acer donwload tools there's a thread in modaco with all the official bins. Good luck!! :)
  5. Hi! You must search and download acer download tools and then download an offcial .bin that can be downloaded here: http://www.acer.es/ac/es/ES/content/drivers (it's in spanish sorry) Then boot your phone into recovery (power, volume down and camera at the same time) and connect it to the computer. After that launch acer download tools, select the .bin and press start. I hope I have helped you ;)
  6. Try connecting your phone while being in recovery mode. Good luck! ;)
  7. I sometimes have that problem... just reboot the phone and it's solved
  8. Make sure you've used the right recovery (cwm for cm10) if you are using this recovery and it doesn't boot you should flash the official froyo bin with the download tools. It should work because I've tested it before posting it and it worked quite well. I hope I've helped you :)
  9. Okey :( Keep on doing such a good work :D
  10. Good luck!!! I hope we can see kit kat working on liquid :D
  11. Hello! I'm using MIUI 1.12.30 because it's the only one that I've traduced to spanish but it hasn't got wifi-tethering ( which I don't use because my liquid has no SIM now). You can use MIUI 2.3.7c which works also really well. And yes, swap is well working on MIUI gingerbread. I hope I've helped you :) EDIT: in 2.3.7c wifi tethering works
  12. Hi! I would recommend you to use cm7.2 or cm7.2 remix. I would also recommend you to use miui because it's really beautiful. If you want to use miui tell me and I'll upload a miui gingerbread that I traduced to spanish cuz I'm spanish too ;)
  13. What cwm are you using? If you are using cwm for cm10 it wont work, you must use cwm for ics and gb or twrp. If it's still not working try flashing the official froyo bin using acer download tool. I hope I've helped you :)
  14. Hello everyone! I'm leaving my Acer Liquid because now I have a Xiaomi Mi2S. I just want to thank you all the work you've done for this phone, I wont forget this community. Goodbye!
  15. So strange,for me it can be flashed it but it doesn't boot. It's stuck in the miui logo. Are you using the last recovery for jellybean by RomzesRover (The same as in Flaming UI)?
  16. I've tried to make a port of MIUI v5 for our liquid but it's not booting. I hope that someone could help me to make it boot. Some additional information: - Ported from miui for Htc desire using cm10 for liquid - Changed some smalis in framework for fixing booting errors but still not booting. - Boot log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_Ts6DA86eE4eTJuZ0J6YVc0MW8/edit?usp=sharing Download (not booting, only for devs): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_Ts6DA86eE4cS03V3RodjZEWVk/edit?usp=sharing Thanks to everyone :)
  17. Yes, and battery consumption is ok
  18. Thanks for testing but gps is working well for me
  19. Works better than ics and it's based on android 4.1.2 jb
  20. If you use windows yes, but if you use linux you must run the .sh for linux and if you use mac the .sh for mac
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