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    Huawei Ascend G300 / THL W200
  1. How can I do the samething but for the earphone? Thanks!
  2. Hi all, some people here in Portugal start to talk about a new update for the G300. It has only 18mb and seems to be a google update only. Anyone knows anything about it? Thanks in advance!
  3. Yes, you're right! Where you buy your V967s? Thanks
  4. Thanks for your opinion. I don't know if I should go for the V967s ou the THL W200... The THL w200 have better CPU and display... but I like the ZTE :)
  5. Hi, it's a good ideia to change from the Huawei G300 to this ZTE V967s? Are the screen and camera good? Regards
  6. Samsung here! - Vodafone Portugal - Battery date: 11-04-2012 - Chip date: 04/2012 Thanks!
  7. Some screenshots from my device: Cheers!
  8. I install this launcher on my G300 without any problems. I'm using SLIM ICS V13 rom by JSEVI83. Don´t know if it works on Gingerbread or Jelly Bean roms. Cheers
  9. Hi mates, this mod wasn´t made by me. ALL CREDITS are for ncandroid84 from the spanish forum HTCMANIA. Translated with google translate: PLEASE DO THAT AT YOUR OWN RISK! Screenshots: Original thread: http://www.htcmania....ad.php?t=684242
  10. But tell me Dazzozo, with this CWM, I can flash any rom since GB do JB4.3 right? Cheers!
  11. Or try to flash the trebuchet from the meijarom. Don't forget to make a nandroid backup first.

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