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  1. I hate to be pessimistic. But I highly doubt this would he doable. And even if it was it would probably run so slow.
  2. There are a few i've had a look at! I don't know how good they are and i know this is a late post but... http://www.amazon.co.uk/Battery-Motorola-XT1032-XT1033-FamilyMall-Rose-Red/dp/B00K7YOYB0/ref=sr_1_47?ie=UTF8&qid=1413470456&sr=8-47&keywords=moto+g+shell
  3. This really does suck, it's odd though, we have had a total of THREE hudl's with the screen issue (which they claim to be fixed, it isn't...no surprise there?) but I must give credit where it's due, they have replaced them. Possible to take the phone to a different store? I don't know if that's allowed or not.
  4. The "E:unknown volume for path [/sd-ext]" always happens with the original Moto G variants due to them not having an External SD card slot, so don't ever worry about that error. As for factory reset not working, now that is odd, normally it will remove all applications and stuff but keep files such as photo's and music. Is that what it has done or has it not deleted anything? If it's not deleted ANYTHING then perhaps try a different version of recovery or a different one all together like TWRP.
  5. Thanks Dazz. Great ROM Thus far. Been a while since i've posted on the G300 threads...I still like to keep an eye on whats going on :D
  6. Hello everyone, had my Galaxy S3 for about 3 months now and already starting to experience screen burn. Rang up ASDA and asked for info on it and they will refund the full £239 paid. So I was thinking of purchasing a nexus 5 from WeBuy (AKA Cex) for £270 by adding money to it. Do you think it will be okay to buy second-hand? Anyone got any experiences of buying second-hand handsets as I am seriously considering it.
  7. Hey guys, I recently installed CyanogenMod 11 (stable) via the use of the CyanogenMod installer on my GT I9300 (the one with the quad core 1.4ghz) and I can't seem to see any KNOX counter and when in download mode I see nothing about a flag. I was wondering. Is this so called Knox counter present on the international variant of the S3? If so, how do I check the status? Thank you.
  8. Galaxy S3 :) - It was reduced and I just couldn't help myself :P Was gonna grab a nexus 4 but they were out of stock and on hindsight the S3 has a replaceable battery so its all good :D! Merry christmas :)
  9. Merry christmas everyone! I got my new phone today and therefore will be keeping my G300 as a spare, not using it much and therefore I will not be posting as much in these parts of the forums I will however still pop in once in a while but I wanted to say thank you to all who have helped me and I hope the developers continue to make the phone even better. Thank you and have a good Christmas. :)
  10. Hello everyone I just got my GS3 for christmas and i need some help o.o How do i turn mass storage on as at the moment it is mounting as a media device. I am not rooted and I really don't want to root right now, is there any way to do it? Thank you and merry christmas. :)
  11. The sudden death, seems to be happening to a lot of people, do you know what type of eMMC it was? It seems that some models had this problem where they would freeze and never turn back on, seemed to be due to the type of eMMC. -edited due to incorrect wording, thanks dalyer & smweb-
  12. +1, that method has worked for me perfectly twice. I would highly recommend that...unless of course you fancy doing it the long way round with having to make your IMEI 0. :p
  13. Welcome to the forum David! I'm Aaron. :)
  14. Maybe it's to do with Android Jellybeans hardware acceleration...i think you are able to change some of the settings under development? I don't have CM installed any more but take a look.
  15. Are you using anything to modify graphics like ChainFire 3D?
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